Volo launches “Flight School” for customers

By Chris Dawson March 25, 2015 - 7:10 am

Volo FlightThis week Volo Commerce announces the launch of its Flight School, the place to go for learning resources to help customers and their team navigate the Volo system.

The Flight School, which sits on the Volo Community Hub, is available to all customers and is inclusive in Volo’s service. It offers over 60 Navigation Videos covering key areas of the system and provides quick demos. Navigation guides offer step-by-step instructions to complete tasks. Customers can also view the schedule and register for instructor-led live online sessions.

The Flight Simulator eLearning modules are a highly interactive learning experience. They use software simulations, quizzes and activities to help understand the processes and concepts. Customers can learn at their own pace, in their own time and are available on mobile devices.

Volo Flight School Modules

Pilot Licence Certification

The Volo Learning team is also excited to announce the arrival of our new Pilot Licence certification programme. Following a very successful pilot group, Volo received positive feedback from their ‘test pilots’, as 95% said they would recommend the programme to colleagues.

The certification programme consists of a series of core modules from Volo’s session portfolio especially selected to provide a solid base knowledge of the system including how to import inventory, preparing products to list to eBay and Amazon, and using channel profiles to streamline the listing process.

To be awarded the Pilot Licence, customers will need to successfully complete a series of practice tasks. If you’re interested in finding out more you can contact Volo Flight School at

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