The IRegg arrives: Did it break?

By Chris Dawson March 29, 2015 - 8:42 pm
Last week at IRX, Sealed Air were challenging people to whack an egg wrapped in their packaging to try and break it.

They were so confident we decided to put their packaging to a real life test and post an egg through the Royal Mail. It’s arrived. Now we can truly answer the question “Will it break”.

We posted the parcel second class postage and as expected it duly showed up with my Postie on Saturday.

Whilst there’s no serious damage to the box, you can see a distinct crease down the left hand side showing it’s been suitably abused by the postal system – something heavy has probably bounced around on it whilst in a post bag in the back of a Royal Mail truck. That’s good, we wanted a real life test!

Opening up the box revealed the Sealed Air Instapak® Simple™ packaging, basically a bag of foam which when popped inside the box expands to protect the contents. What we’re interested in however is what’s inside the Instapak, is the egg intact?

Did it break?

We’re pleased to report that once the foam was removed there was our egg with Professor Packaging’s signature. It had safely made it from Birmingham Airport through the Royal Mail network, down to the Swindon sorting office, along the M4 to Thatcham and out with the Postie to my door.

All that was left was to dig out my favourite childhood Humpty Dumpty egg cup and sit down to breakfast courtesy of Professor Packaging and Sealed Air.

IRegg box arrived
IRegg box open
IRegg Professor Packaging Signature
IRegg Breakfast


What have we learnt?

Well maybe not a lot but what we do know is that with the correct packaging practically anything can be sent through the post or via a courier. For large manufacturers this generally isn’t a problem as they’ll have custom made packaging to protect delicate items such as glass or porcelain. However if you’re a seller of antiques or second hand products you probably don’t have the original packaging (if indeed there ever was any).

There are however solutions out there that will protect delicate items and Sealed Air Instapak® Simple™ is one of them. Something to consider, especially as many carriers such as Royal Mail won’t insure glass or china objects against damage en route. What do you use to package delicate items?

  • Andy
    3 years ago

    I bet the packaging to protect the egg costs more than the egg so a bit pointless to a seller of eggs

    • 3 years ago

      Possible worth it for a £100+ piece of china though…

  • 3 years ago

    A thought occurs to me…. I bet that egg cup is worth a few quid now!

  • 3 years ago

    Probably most ebay sellers use ‘peanut’ packaging to protect their goods. I have a problem. I receive parcels of books insulated with these ‘peanuts’. But I send books out usually singularly so I tend to accumulate ‘peanuts’. So if anybody in Cornwall needs them contact me and I would be very happy to donate them to the cause of saving you some money and getting them out of my way(I do hate to throw anything useful away)(and I have boxes full of them).

    • Andy
      3 years ago

      You could advertise them on a freecycle group or on a local facebook page

  • tinker
    3 years ago

    we have no doubt this system works, but cost is the problem,
    you can buy a pretty big box and lots of bubble wrap for the price of these , the biggest cause of damage is the lack of skill in packaging not the material used

    • Steve
      3 years ago

      Woot Woot!!!

      An egg got through. I have to say it never ceases to amaze my how incompetant many are when it comes to packaging.

      I recently purchassed a £900 item from abroad. It was a frame constructed from 4 peices of wood glued in the corners. Shipping was an additional £45 (actual shipping cost just £32).

      Now you would think that this whould be shiped in an overize box with loads of bubble and then additional padding (like popcorn or air-bags) all around. But no, the idiot send it in two layers of small bubble wrapped in brown paper. As you can imagine it arrived in peices.

      Clearly this chump decided to scrimp on packing despite selling many high value and fragile items in the past.

      Personally I rarely suffer damage in transit (less than 0.001%) because I pack (or over pack as one buyer sugessested) things properly.

      Returns cost a lot. Especially Internationally. Then there is the cost of a dissapointed customer.

      Spend the money and pack well – it really isn’t that expensive. Assume the post/courier will play football with it, then you won’t go wrong.

      Long live The Revolution! 🙂

  • dan
    3 years ago

    im quite lucky as i have builder friends and i use, carpet protector around my packages, which makes them watertight, its like very thick clingfilm, and is unbelievably sticky!

    and also corrugated /fluted plastic sheets- again sold as carpet and door /window protection in the trade. very good for wrapping what i sell – books and similar.

    the funny thing is, this is sold in door / window sized pieces for X amount (as i say i get for nowt). but the same stuff is also sold as “envelope stiffner” eg a4 sheets and is over 11x as much last time i looked!

    always looking for the best balance between cost per item, and protection for my items. interesting articles.

  • elvis
    3 years ago

    Now try sending it with Yodel and see what happens.

  • Steves
    3 years ago

    Nice egg cup! doubtless the EU will make couriers responsible for packaging and force them to supply re-usable materials. Its rather arcane that so much effort has to go into packaging. Uniform sizes could revolutionise the delivery industry, a bit like it with shipping containers, and the cost saving would be huge. Then again, I liked milk in glass bottles…

  • 3 years ago

    I saw this in action and it looked pretty impressive. Anything like this will always be a trade off between cost and function. I am sure cost will reduce over time and believe it or not stuff like this matters to the end consumer these days.

    If your goods (new goods especially) arrive in obviously hi-tech packaging you can be sure you will benefit with an uplift in brand/store loyalty.

    • tinker
      3 years ago

      this type of packaging has been freely available for years ,
      if anything the cost has risen not reduced in that time?

    • Jason
      3 years ago

      What are we comparing it to? Why has it risen?

    • tinker
      3 years ago


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