New Royal Mail 2015 prices are now in force

By Dan Wilson March 31, 2015 - 10:10 am

Don’t forget that the new Royal Mail prices are now in force.

To précis the headlines: the price of a stamp will rise 1p so that means a First Class stamp rises to 63p and a Second Class stamp is now 54p.

Royal Mail have held the promotional price for Small Parcels up to 2k at £2.80 and they’ve also reduced the prices for 1kg and 2kg Medium parcels.

You can find the official rack rates on the RM website here. Tamebay also reported these changes a few weeks ago with added commentary.

Here’s the new versus old prices for Royal Mail’s major services:

Royal Mail 1st Class and 2nd Class Price changes


Weight up to

1st Class Price

2nd Class Price






100g 62p 63p 53p 54p

Large Letter

100g 93p 95p 73p 74p
250g £1.24 £1.26 £1.17 £1.19
500g £1.65 £1.68 £1.48 £1.51
750g £2.38 £2.42 £2.01 £2.05

Small Parcel

1kg £3.20 £3.30 £2.80 £2.80
2kg £5.45 £5.45 £5.45 £2.80

Medium Parcel

1kg £5.65 £5.65 £5.20 £4.89
2kg £8.90 £8.90 £8.00 £4.89
5kg £15.85 £15.85 £13.75 £13.75
10kg £21.90 £21.90 £20.25 £20.25
20kg £33.40 £33.40 £28.55 £28.55
  • Paul
    3 years ago

    Any Smart Stamp users out there may be noticing that the new cheaper Europe 100g large letter at £2.45 has failed to materialise as a selectable option.

  • jimbo
    3 years ago

    And it isn’t going to be materialising.

  • Paul
    3 years ago

    So I’ve just found out.
    They inform me after querying this that they are closing Smart Stamp later this year and so haven’t bothered to add the only new option that’s going to save me £1 per packet.
    What a shoddy, shambolic service.
    So – is it OBA or a franking machine?

  • Tony C
    3 years ago

    I notice they are also introducing the Letter/Large Letter/Small Parcel size limits, like they already have for domestic postage, into the International arena too.

    The good news, though, is that the size limits are the same as they are for domestic items, so your existing size gauge will work for International too.

  • Vera
    3 years ago

    It would be nice if PayPal could catch up with the new RM International Large Letter formats on their Online postage system. Sadly, I doubt they will do this anytime soon.

  • Jeno
    3 years ago

    Help, please, regarding international large letter contents! 🙂
    Recently I read somewhere on the Royal Mail’s website that a large letter can contain ANY items. I forgot to save it and now I can not find it, though I would like to quote it. At some of our local post offices they are okay with sending goods (textile sample) if it fits the large letter dimensions but at some POs they stick to the documents only mantra… Do you have any reference to quote about goods being allowed to be sent in international large letters too? Many thanks!

  • Jeno
    3 years ago

    I think i found the page:

    Here they refer only to the dimensions: ” What you can send
    You can send items using our International Standard service, as long as they fall within the length, width, depth, height and sending criteria we’ve outlined below.”
    Though I would need some clarification as somewhere else they emphasised that only documents and DVDs/CDs can be sent in large letters.

    • Jeno
      3 years ago

      A nice, positive and clear answer came regarding my query. I will print it out and show it to my local PO.

      Hello, Recently a new International Large Letter format of 35.3cm x 25cm x 2.5cm has been introduced by Royal Mail. I refer to this link where it is explained what I can send saying “YOU CAN SEND ITEMS using our International Standard service, as long as they fall within the length, width, depth, height and sending criteria we’ve outlined below.” Could you clarify please that if I keep the max dimensions and weight then I can send contents like textile samples in large letter. Taking into account the above information I think I can as it is clearly not specified here that only paper documents can be sent in this format. Thank you for the answer, Jeno

      Good afternoon Jeno

      Thank you for your email.

      Yes thats fine, as long as the item is in with the maximum dimensions.

      I hope you find this information useful and if we can be of further assistance, please let us know.

      xxxxx yyyyy
      Business Customer Service Advisor
      Business Info and Advice Centre
      Tel: 08457 xxxxxx

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