Magento launch online SME help hub

By Dan Wilson March 26, 2015 - 4:44 pm

eBay-owned company Magento has announced the launch of a new help and support resource for users of its Magento Community Edition product.

Here’s what you find on the new site:

“1. Why Magento is right for small business

Not sure whether it’s time for an e-Commerce platform or whether Magento Community Edition is the right fit for your company? Check out what Magento has to offer, its features, and customer stories.

2. Tools and tips for building your business

Companies often need help getting started on the Magento Community Edition platform. Here you will find content and links to useful tools to get started.

3. Partner directory

Small companies often need assistance in deploying and managing their website on Magento Community Edition. Whether it’s hiring a developer to create a custom experience for your site or engaging with firms that can implement, maintain and host your software, the site features a full directory of partners and easy navigation to find ones in your local area and with the expertise you need.”

  • 2 years ago

    im shocked by a lot of magentos business decisions lately, first closing magento go and now something totally unneeded like this which is basically pushing users towards magento enterprise if you follow the links in the article you will see there i next to no support with this at all.

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