Insanely funny YouTube ads you won’t skip

By Chris Dawson March 5, 2015 - 8:30 am

Skip Ad on YouTubeYou know those annoying ads on YouTube that you have to wait for the first five seconds to play before you can skip them and watch the video you really wanted to watch? They’re rubbish aren’t they!

They’re rubbish because they weren’t created for YouTube. Generally they are just ads created for different media that have been recycled for YouTube and it don’t grab you attention. Plus of course it’s just a starter getting in the way of the main course, but one US advertiser, Geico a car insurance firm, has created ads just for YouTube that you’ll want to watch to the end and will keep your mouse away from the dreaded skip button.

Here’s one of their ads, I can guarantee you’ll want to watch it to the end and won’t hit the skip button. If you ever create YouTube ads, this is how it’s done:

Via AdWeek where you can watch more Geico YouTube Adverts

  • Jon
    2 years ago

    Now that is superb advertizing!

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