Emerging Trends in Independent Fashion Retail

By Chris Dawson March 5, 2015 - 8:15 am

FashionBrightpearl are hosting an event for independent fashion retailers in San Francisco in partnership with Bigcommerce,, SF FASHTECH and Oaklandish.

The event titled “Emerging Trends in Independent Fashion Retail’ will be held on March 12th and will consist of a panel discussion between some of the Bay Area’s leading retail minds:

  • Tim Schulz – Chief Product Officer, Bigcommerce
  • Angela Tsay – CEO & Creative Director, Oaklandish
  • Mika Uehara – Co-founder, SF FASHTECH
  • Robert Gilbreath – VP Marketing,

Topics to be discussed will include:

  • How can retailers build a thriving community around their brand?
  • How will buyer expectations around shipping and delivery evolve this year?
  • What are the opportunities provided by emerging payment technologies, such as Bitcoin and Apple Pay?
  • How can retailers create a personalized and consistent online and offline shopping experience?

The event is taking place at 5pm on Thursday 12th March at Brightpearl offices, 6th Floor, 625 Market Street in the Financial District, San Francisco, CA.

Space is limited but the event will be recorded for those that can’t attend in person. To attend or receive a summary of the topics discussed, you’ll need to register for a place.

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