Doddle release Android parcel app

By Chris Dawson March 24, 2015 - 9:19 am

Doddle AppDoddle have released the Android version of its free app as part of its mission to eliminate “while you were out” cards.

Doddle say that they are “the only service of its kind to accept delivery of shoppers’ online purchases from any retailer or carrier and its free app is the next step in eliminating the dreaded “while you were out” card scenario. Instead, the Doddle app will send a push notification to let you know your parcel has been safely delivered to your preferred Doddle store”.

The app was designed by Monitise Create, a division of Mobile Money provider Monitise. It allows users to sign up and create Doddle accounts quickly, as well as track parcels sent through Doddle, to give customers reassurance a parcel has arrived at its destination. The app records the user’s preferred Doddle store along with information on its opening hours and how long parcels will be held for.

The app appears to be popular amongst Doddle users, they launched the iOS version of the app in November 2014, which includes in-built Touch ID login, meaning you can be identified via your fingerprint alone. The app has now been downloaded by 15% of its membership base, who are collectively using the app more than 1,000 times a week.

You can download the new Android Doddle app from Google Play (or for iOS users from the Apple App store).

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