When there’s a disaster there’s Shutl

By Chris Dawson February 3, 2015 - 11:36 am

Broken Zip on Laptop BagToday had a bit of a disastrous start and no I don’t mean the two inches of snow which merely meant I could brush it off the car windscreen instead of spending five minutes defrosting it. It also wasn’t the train being cancelled, there’s always another train. No the disaster today was my laptop bag zip breaking although slightly alleviated by the kind lady in the queue behind me telling me my laptop was about to crash land onto the station platform.

Being as I was heading for The Delivery Conference today it seemed that in 2015 it shouldn’t be beyond the wit of a retailer to deliver a new laptop bag directly to me.

New Laptop Bag DeliveryArgos and Shutl immediately sprang to mind, although it wasn’t quite as simple as I expected. Having selected a laptop bag to purchase I couldn’t find the Shutl option. It appears that you can’t use Shutl with Argos if you’re using the mobile Argos site – you need to use the full desktop version. That’s bizarre and a major failing, surely if I’m needing a Shutl delivery it’s probably urgent, I’m probably not at home and I’m probably trying to order on my mobile.

That aside, once I was on the main Argos site getting a new laptop bag was simplicity itself. Delivery was just over a tenner (£10.55) and my new laptop bag arrived at the Park Plaza Westminster hotel before the first break in the conference.

Shutl from Argos

ShutlWe’ve written about Shutl before, but I’m still amazed that delivery is so simple. A few years ago it would have been unthinkable that you could order something online and have it delivered within the hour. Sure, I’m in central London today and anywhere else in the country a delivery that quickly would be impossible. It sure beats trying to find a shop and missing several hours of the conference however.

If you’re in a Shutl delivery area and ever in need of a fast delivery I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

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