Terapeak webinar for everyone that asks you eBay questions!

By Chris Dawson February 25, 2015 - 10:51 am

Terapeak Make Your First SaleAre you the local eBay expert amongst your friends? Are your neighbours always asking you how to sell on eBay? If so Terapeak are offering some free advice for all the aspiring sellers that you know!

If you know someone that’s curious about what to sell and how to get started but nervous about making their first sale get them to register for this webinar from Terapeak?

The free 30 minute webinar on making your first sale will be hosted by Matt Brossard, Director of Community for Terapeak on Thursday the 19th of March at 3PM. Get your family, friends and neighbours to register for some expert advice and hopefully there’ll be a few less questions for you once they’ve successfully made their first sale!

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