Rethinking Promotional Merchandise

By Chris Dawson February 6, 2015 - 9:16 am

Corporate Creations BannerThe year is well under way and that got me thinking about the various freebies I saw on offer at The Delivery Conference.

Sweets on exhibitors stands are always an irresistible draw for me, but from then on it’s mainly pens and stress balls on offer, although I understand in the freebie conference shoulder bags was a rather nifty mobile phone power bank for emergency battery charging.

What should you be looking for when considering gifts or giveaways for your business? Obviously you want them branded, but what promotional merchandise should you be branding? Corporate Creations reckon they can design the ideal solution for your business.

Corporate Creations

Corporate CreatationsCorporate Creations aim to supply bespoke marketing gadgets or products tailored for your business. They work with you to fully understand your marketing needs, target audience and the message you wish to deliver and then design, create and procure the perfect unusual bespoke promotional gadget or product to represent your brand and get you noticed.

Of course many companies have catalogue gifts which they can simply print with your name or brand, the real difference Corporate Creations bring to the table is that they’ll create the right product for your brand rather than shoehorn a product to fit your need.

After being in the gadget business for over nine years, Corporate Creations have strong relationships with quality manufacturers so can have tailor made products created for you that fit your business and specific marketing objectives. Even better they don’t add on extra costs to ensure the corporate gifts meet your promotional objectives.

If you’re thinking of ordering in some merchandise don’t just settle for pens with your logo printed on them, or maybe a few mugs – give Corporate Creations a call and see what ideas and suggestions they can come up with for your business. Depending on the quantity you need you might be surprised at just how low cost some solutions are (ranging from literally a few pennies upwards).

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