It’s time to let the eBay world meet #DAVE

By Chris Dawson February 5, 2015 - 11:59 am

Seller Dynamics#DAVE has the insider info on the latest release from Seller Dynamics, and you can find out exactly what he knows at MEET #DAVE.

Seller Dynamics say that #DAVE, their automatic repricer for eBay sellers is the result of multiple requests from eBay sellers around the globe for an eBay repricer that can beat their competitors time and time again.

We felt it was about time that we gave eBay sellers a unique advantage,” Alex Ogilvie, MD at Seller Dynamics told us. “eBay is a tough market, so we figured we needed to give folks a hand to sell their stuff. Dave, is the result. They asked, so we gave birth to Dave. It’s a sort of stem cell thing.”

The repricer, codenamed #DAVE during development, uses the eBay catalogue to target which items can be competed against. So it’s the perfect solution for sellers in fast moving consumer goods who are in the eBay catalogue. Set up is as simple as it can possibly be. Any existing eBay stock is imported directly into Seller Dynamics and then all that is required is some diligence in setting up the margins – upper and lower price points. Seller Dynamics will then move the prices up and down, as market conditions change, to keep sales and margin optimised.

It’s a perfect addition to the existing repricer stuff in Seller Dynamics,” continued Alex, “it really nails repricing for marketplace sellers”.

It’s time to let the eBay world meet #DAVE

The existing eBay repricing options in Seller Dynamics remain unchanged, you can still reprice based on cost prices imported from your stock file, and you can still round to the 99p level to generate that “nine ninety nine” price style.

Stock management, dispatch and all the VAT and Cross Border Trade features are unaffected as well. So you can still sell from Ireland to Australia, though now with a little bit more bite in your sales strategy.

Fraser Ingram, CTO at Seller Dynamics summed up his own feelings, “Dave’s a cute solution for eBay sellers, it lets them sell smart, we like that”.

The eBay repricer is just the latest development in Seller Dynamics’ commitment to the marketplace world, and hints at ongoing innovations which are coming down the pipeline.

Dave is the daddy,” joked Alex, “watch out for the wife and kids”.

  • elvis
    3 years ago

    Can this be integrated with m2e pro/magento as I sell on ebay via this?

  • Cynical James
    3 years ago

    It sounds great and all but price is only a factor involved in best match search rankings.

    Also changing my name to Cynical James so everyone recognises me when I post 🙂

  • Steve
    3 years ago

    What happens when the majority of sellers use this software its a race to the bottom where with every update the competitors just under cut each other by a penny until everyone is selling at cost

  • derek duval
    3 years ago

    Why dont you rename software to ‘I am the idiot who sells for supermarket margin’s…l”
    The only person who makes any real money is the Vat Man…

  • Rich
    3 years ago

    They thought the nuclear bomb was a good invention too!

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