Genie and the Geek Photography Service

By Chris Dawson February 23, 2015 - 6:45 am

Genie and the Geek photography offerGenie and the Geek have experience in helping businesses in many different verticals and of all shapes and sizes and this year they have launched a special offer to test out their photography services. You can send them 5 items for photography and editing without paying a penny.

If you’ve ever visited Genie and the Geek’s offices you’d find they’ve a huge photography studio. They’re set up to photograph just about any product from the smallest piece of jewellery to clothing, shoes, car parts or even a whole car! They’ve also got a professional turntable photo box facility to produce stunning 360º views if that’s what your product requires.

Genie and the Geek photographyIf you want to take your own photographs you’ll doubtless have found plenty of advice on how to set up a photo studio with front lighting, back lighting, diffused lighting, backdrops and turn tables, but if you’re anything like me you’ll have done all that and discovered your photos still aren’t as good as professional shots. That’s where Genie and the Geek come in.

This week alone has seen them photograph car parts, shoes, perfumes and men’s clothing! If you find photography to be time consuming or something that you just can not get right, contact these guys and test it out for yourself, you can send them up to five items and they’ll process them for free, all you pay for is the shipping.

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