Valentine survey – How Romantic are we?

By Chris Dawson February 14, 2015 - 6:00 am

Seller Dynamics (actually their boss, Alex Ogilvie) decided that with all the interest that marketing companies try to create around Valentine’s Day that they should do some proper in depth research at Seller Dynamics HQ. So they ran a piece of research on our site asking “What will you give your love one this Valentine’s Day” – with a selection of multiple choice answers.

As a “careful” Scot to his core, all these gifting days get a bit too costly for Alex, so it was with great relief that the biggest single response to our question was…. “nothing”. This was swiftly followed by “Just a Card”.

He was also delighted to see that almost 5% of people are just hanging around in their relationship until George Clooney or Jennifer Aniston rings the doorbell for them. As for the 0.9% who are opting to pop the question with a wedding or engagement ring – Alex wishes them every future happiness. Obviously Seller Dynamics will be doing another poll soon to find out if they said “YES”.

As for retailers looking to find out what to stock up on for next year – Alex suggests toast racks and condoms. Breakfast in bed and other bed related activities were very popular. Remember where you heard it first.

Valentine Infographic Seller Dynamics 1200(1)

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