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By Chris Dawson January 11, 2015 - 9:22 pm

The Radiant Ribbon CoLast week I made a purchase from The Radiant Ribbon Co, for some personalised printed ribbon. It wasn’t for Tamebay, but for Popadoodledoo, a Cake Pop business of a friend of mine. However I was so impressed I thought I’d share how brilliant these guys are.

Firstly they didn’t think much of the colours we ordered (white print on hot pink ribbon). Jo from The Radiant Ribbon Co emailed later that day saying “Many thanks for your order. The white print is not the best finish on the hot pink ribbon unfortunately. I can recommend metallic silver, gold or black print on the hot pink ribbon or alternatively I can offer white ribbon with pink print. I look forward to hearing back from you.”

That’s impressive, they don’t want their customers to be disappointed with an order so rather than just produce the ribbon they make the effort up front to make sure we get a product that they can be proud of.

Facebook LikeWhat amazed me even more however was that, within minutes of placing the order, my friend received a new “Like” on her Facebook page from The Radiant Ribbon Co. Bearing in mind that I’d placed the order and the only way to find the Facebook page was by searching Google for the text to be printed (Popadoodledoo), that’s impressive! There’s nothing to make a small business want to make a repeat order from a company than them showing interest in what they do.

The Radiant Ribbon Co (in case you hadn’t figured it out from their company name), produce bespoke printed ribbon in lengths as little as 5m. If you’re ever sending out gifts or are producing gift wrapped items it’s the perfect finishing touch.

It was also rather nice to see that their website is powered by our friends at

Finally the way we found the company was via a recommendation from a friend. Obviously we’re not the first people to find they offer a superb service!

If you want customers to like you, why not spend five minutes each day to show you value their business by liking them on Facebook? Obviously if you’re selling to thousands of consumer this might not be possible, but do you like the Facebook pages of all your business partners and have they “liked” you?

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