The 2015 Tamebay Guide is here

By Dan Wilson January 26, 2015 - 2:21 am

It’s here. The 2015 Tamebay Tools and Services Guide is live and available online at

It takes us a huge chunk of time to compile the Tamebay Guide each year and we are really proud of the latest version. Find the Tamebay Guide here.

We bring together the most complete gazeteer for ecommerce SMEs so you can streamline and improve your ecommerce enterprise. Whatever it is you want doing: the free Tamebay Guide will have the answer. Or your money back.

Whether it’s help with shipping, management, design, accounting or harnessing a new marketplace, the Tamebay Guide is chock full of ideas.

Homepage featured
One brand new new feature we’re pleased to share with you is the new widget that draws all our Tamebay Guide advertisers together and presents them with a hover-over digest on the Tamebay front page. If you scroll down the front page of Tamebay, you’ll see the new From the Tamebay Guide section showcasing the best of services featured in the guide.

Read the reviews
Don’t forget the reviews feature that we launched last year. It’s been a huge success and we know it works: we’ve had great feedback about it from both suppliers and readers because the honest and expert reviews shared are useful to all. We encourage everyone in the Tamebay Guide to garner some positive reviews from their users. And if you love a service, help others and review it.

We’re also keen to share all the best ebooks that suppliers in the ecommerce sector are publishing. Not only did we launch a new ebook section in 2014 but you’ll now see them showcased in the sidebar of the homepage too.

Download the guide (soon)
The downloadable version of the Tamebay Guide 2015 is going to take a bit more time, but we’re on it. In the meantime, needless to say, enjoy the online guide.

And if we’ve we’ve missed your service or one you use that should be included, let us know. There’s plenty more room.

  • Craig
    3 years ago

    Still says the 2014 edition on the page guys.

    • 3 years ago

      That’s the download Craig, and we noted that we still have to complete that particular task in the post.

      Online guide all up to date and 2015, however.

    • Craig
      3 years ago

      So it is. Was low on caffeine.

  • A+
    3 years ago

    Well done and thank you, guys. The guide and Tamebay in general have done so much good to our business

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