Royal Mail enhance Click & Drop service for eBay sellers

By Dan Wilson January 14, 2015 - 7:35 pm

Some of you may already print your postage online and pay by PayPal. The service has been enhanced and rebranded as Click & Drop.

Click & Drop allows eBay sellers to integrate their selling account with the Royal Mail system that allows easy purchase and printing of postage labels. Crucially, there is no need for manual inputting the address of each individual buyer. You can then drop your parcels at a Post Office or into a local post box.

Currently, Click & Drop is limited to Royal Mail’s domestic parcel services, 1st and 2nd Class, Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm, Signed For 1st and 2nd Class. Cleverly, the system will check the delivery postcode to reduce chance of a misdelivery. You can pay by PayPal or credit an debit cards. You can check out the service on the Royal Mail website here.

Nick Landon, Managing Director of Royal Mail Parcels, said: “Royal Mail is very pleased to introduce Click & Drop. This is part of Royal Mail’s programme of investment in IT to support customers and make it easier for them to do business with us.”

Future planned enhancements to the service include the launch of international tariffs and an integration with and Parcelforce Worldwide, both of which are expected later in the year. Royal Mail will also be connecting the new system with business accounts in due course too.

Has anyone had a chance to use the new system?

  • Dan
    3 years ago

    does this mean i will be able to use my current system – smartstamp through ebay??

    or have i missed the point?

  • Tinker
    3 years ago

    Royal mail need to improve tracking options and service
    Its a bit rich when a russian web site gives you more detailed tracking information than royal mails own

  • Andy R
    3 years ago

    Nope, we use a franking machine.

    50p for first class and 37p for second, plus bigger savings on larger items.

    Even with rental / contract costs, still miles cheaper.

    • Simon M
      3 years ago

      Andy R

      You might like to check Royal Mail PPI… I’m paying the same prices as you, but without the rental fees / top up charges of a franking machine.


  • Gary
    3 years ago

    From the Royal Mail Click and Drop press release – **** “Royal Mail research reveals one in four (24 per cent) UK SME online e-retailers plans to start using online marketplaces to increase sales in 2015” **** – I’m guessing these 1 in 4 are those who currently DO NOT use an online marketplace to supplement their own website sales. I would be amazed if it is 24% of all e-retailers!

  • DBL
    3 years ago

    Label prints A5 size on A4 paper, doh! No good for me then. Why can’t they print on A4 postage or address labels with 8 or other per A4 sheet? Other RM tools do eg Smartstamp so wouldn’t be hard surely!

    I’ll try it once but something tells me it’s just not going to be good enough or fast enough. I may need to print 20 or 30 large letter at a time so not really suitable for ‘regular eBay Seller’

    Also, it wants you do download an Adobe Reader, be careful to untick the box or you’ll be getting MacAfee with it!

    Will update as I use it … or not 😀

    • Dan
      3 years ago

      seems like your in the same boat as me.

      i use smartstamp and it allows me to use 4 a sheet, which i find a good size, and may even try 6 or 8 this year.

      i have signed up and done a test, seems quite clean website to use, simply allow it access to ebay and “click download your ebay orders” and it loads it into the RM site.

      the reason i didnt use ebay / paypals own method was that it prints to paper at large size.

      a good set of label sizes built in and i’d use it fully, as i could drag the orders from ebay into the RM website, and pay with paypal, and then i’d not have to load up smartstamp every week! the money buyers send me minus RM costs = my profit and can withdraw end of month etc.

    • DBL
      3 years ago

      I used it for one order this morning, have screenshots and an opinion 😉

      Watch this space!

    • Andy Bundy
      3 years ago

      I’ve tried this service out a few times, and found it to be less useful than Paypal’s own label printing service, even though the RM option does give you 2nd class postage which is not an option through Paypal.

      The biggest problem is the requirement for A5 (2 to A4) labels. These are not cheap, and obviously more expensive than the 4 to A4 labels I use on Paypal (of which all 4 can be used with a bit of careful rotation and margin changes). The only reason I use IE is for this purpose.

      The new service has lots of potential – but needs some work based on customer feedback and better analysis of what customers need. The days that sellers still want to be cutting sheets of paper and sellotaping them to parcels are LONG GONE!

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