PayPal Credit expands offer in the US

By Dan Wilson January 13, 2015 - 3:05 pm

Last year PayPal rebranded the acquired Bill Me Later as PayPal Credit and now it looks like it’s expanding the offering significantly according to TechCrunch.

New options will include greater flexibility for allowing monthly payments and the opportunity for merchants to set terms on both the number of months and interest rates to best suit their customers. For the first time, PayPal Credit will allow sellers to provide interest free credit.

PayPal will also be extending its Business Consulting services that promote best practices such as reducing cart abandonment, improving conversion, or making international sales. Previously this service has been available to bigger PayPal users and now it will apparently be opened up to all. Sounds like a good idea.

As it stands though it seems like these new products and services are limited to customers in the US and we don’t have any information on whether PayPal is intending to bring them over to the UK any time soon.

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