Parcelforce Select offer tailored delivery on demand

By Chris Dawson January 26, 2015 - 12:02 pm

Parcelforce featParcelforce Worldwide have launched their new Parcelforce Select service which will be available to account customers. Parcelforce Select will offer an improved range of services to enable online retailers to provide their customers with greater control over the delivery of their parcels, offering them tailored delivery on demand.

Tailored delivery on demand

As part of the Parcelforce Select service, online retailers and other businesses will be able to help their customers to better manage their parcels after placing an order, enabling their customers to even change their mind on the day of delivery. Customers will be able to select exactly where they want their parcel to go, if they know they will be out when delivery is attempted. This could be a specific neighbour, convenient Post Office branch or a safe place on their property. Customers can also continue to choose an alternative day of delivery if that is more convenient for them.

Expanding number of notifications

Parcelforce Worldwide say that they already provide one of the widest choices of delivery options for customers, including Sundays. They are also expanding the number of notifications parcels recipients receive about the progress of their parcel, including a one hour delivery time window.

In addition to its existing notifications, the express parcel’s business will also be able to notify customers of:

  • Attempted delivery – when customers are not at home and no further instruction exists
  • Neighbour delivery – advising which neighbour has accepted the parcel
  • Post Office handover – advising customers of the Post Office where the parcel has been left

And for customers returning items;

  • Day of booking notification: confirming the date of collection
  • Day of collection notification: a reminder to have the parcel ready
  • Collection confirmation, or confirmation if we have been unable to collect – including reasons why

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