Facebook for Business SME Bootcamp, London: 26/01/15

By Dan Wilson January 9, 2015 - 1:10 am

Facebook is often touted as a real opportunity for SMEs and ecommerce sellers. I’ve yet to be convinced, so I’ve signed up for this event. An SME Facebook Bootcamp occurring towards the end of the month in London.

It’s £25 and being held at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SD on the 26th January. There are two half day sessions: one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

The blurb says: “At this half-day event you will be inspired by like-minded business owners who are growing with Facebook; receive exclusive access and top tips from the Facebook team; and have the opportunity to spend time with hand-picked partners who can help take your Facebook activities to the next level. Whether you are just getting started or are ready to take the next step, this event is designed to help get your business into shape.”

Maybe see you there?

  • Steve
    3 years ago

    Love to hear how you get on in detail – I don’t have any idea how facebook works, but my daughter has bought and sold loads of baby items locally using facebook; its fast and local. Even clearing the garage, she managed to sell a router – paid and collected within 3 hours! there is a thriving community of young mums who find it extremely useful.

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