Etsy to go public

By Dan Wilson January 14, 2015 - 7:42 pm

According to reports, craft and vintage marketplace Etsy is planning to go public in a bid to raise $300m.

The details are scant at the moment but it is suggested that the IPO might take place as early as this quarter and the prospectus made available to would be investors this month.

Etsy was founded in 2005 and has enjoyed remarkable success. It has 26 million items listed for sale and has been valued at $1bn. In 2013 Etsy reported $1.35 billion in sales.

We’ll keep you posted.

  • Adam
    3 years ago

    I’m considering opening a store on etsy, though I’m told it can be very quiet on there. Perhaps the extra capital will help push the marketplace forward. There needs to be a more serious rival to the ebay / Amazon duopoly.

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