Bricks & Mortar Oughta: Grimsby, 23/02/15

By Dan Wilson January 23, 2015 - 2:30 pm

John Hayes will be leading a session called “Bricks & Mortar Oughta: What Real World Businesses Can Learn
from the Internet” in Grimsby on the 23rd February. He’s also repeating the session in Manchester on the 25th.

To find out more and book a place, check out this page.

John says of the sessions:

“If you work on the high street, you won’t need reminding that traditional, bricks and mortar retail hasn’t had an easy go of it in recent years. Thankfully, after half-a-decade of financial gloom, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it looks like the economy might just be turning a corner.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean a return to easy street.

For many businesses who continue to struggle on today’s high streets, it is all too easy to point the finger of blame for their decline at factors, which they believe, are beyond their control.

The Internet is a very obvious target when looking for a fall guy responsible for the decline of the high street. But is this fair?

In the face of online competition some businesses will struggle while others, who rise to the challenge, will thrive.

This half-day course is for any entrepreneur, business owner or marketer who wants to future-proof their business, drive real world sales and maximise the potential of their traditional bricks and mortar operations using the techniques widely adopted by their online counterparts.”

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