Tamebay Showcase 2014: Urban33

By Dan Wilson December 15, 2014 - 8:01 am

This December we are showcasing Tamebay readers and their businesses. We’re celebrating the best of ecommerce. Today we give you Urban33 and an account from MD Stuart Baldry. If you want to be featured, find out more here.

We started out of a hobby business in 2008 with £500. Urban33 now operates four brands, has two warehouses and a head office as well as employing 22 staff currently.

Our brands are:

We also sell on eBay, Amazon, C-Discount, Play/Rakuten, Gardens4less and this year launched on the Tesco Marketplace as a selected partner.


We have always worked with two main principles for the business: offer outstanding customer service and offer a unique range of products that consumers would struggle to find elsewhere. These principles have helped us to grow in to the business we are today and will hopefully take us even further in the next few years.

Our range offers anything from men’s earrings to the surprisingly popular crocodiles in a tutu Christmas baubles, we are always willing to try products that are different as trying to compete on price all the time can be a lot of hard work for very little reward.

It’s not been easy and there have been bumps along the way, but one of the biggest factors in helping us has been Tamebay and the community around the site of like minded people who are happy to share knowledge.

Just the other day there was a call out on Tamebay for press enquires for eBay, we made contact and the next thing you know we are in The Telegraph about our Penguin range! So if there is one thing I have learned over the years is that you need to read Tamebay everyday! (You’re too kind *blushing* – Ed.)

And a Tamebay first. It’s a crocodile in a tutu. 🙂

crocodile bauble

  • Great News Story – well done Urban33 – shows what can be done with very little capital and bags of energy

  • Sam
    3 years ago

    OMIGOD a crocodile in a tutu!

    I never knew my brother needed one of these until I saw it in this post – but now I do. I have seen the light – and ordered one.

    His christmas is *made* – thanks guys! Just have to hope Royal Mail delivers in time…

    • Stuart
      3 years ago

      Everyone needs a crocodile in a tutu and glad to hear we have converted you!

  • Jimbo
    3 years ago

    Well done Stuart and Urban33.

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