Tamebay scheduled maintenance 15-16 Dec

By Chris Dawson December 15, 2014 - 3:23 pm

Tamebay Maintenance SP
Tamebay will be undergoing some scheduled maintenance today and tomorrow. Although you won’t notice any changes once the work is completed, the aim is to prepare the site for some new features and improvements we wish to make in the future. During the majority of this time the site will be live but with limited access.

Dan and I will be taking short break from posting while the work on the databases takes place. Don’t worry, we’ll be back and writing as soon as the work is completed.

The aim is to keep the site downtime to an absolute minimum, but again we’ll need to temporarily stop you, our readers, from commenting on Tamebay whilst databases are updated. This means that at some point today comments will be turned off, don’t worry, we aim to turn comments back on tomorrow as soon as the work is completed.

If you wish to carry on the discussion in the mean time you’re very welcome to comment on Tamebay’s Facebook page and/or twitter which is where Dan and I are heading to hang out for the next 24 hours.

See you on the other side when the fantastic tech guys from WeAreJH have done their stuff!

Edited to add: Our apologies but the upgrades are taking a little longer than anticipated and will be completed tomorrow (18th) when normal service will resume.

  • Steve
    3 years ago

    How can it take 24 hours? Are you writing and testing code?

    You guys are hanging out at Facebook and Twitter? Are they bars or restaurants? Whats the address?

    Hurry up, I NEED MY FIX!!!

    • 3 years ago

      The techies muttered something about our databases being way to big as we’ve written too many posts and published too many reader comments for the normal tools to work and how it’ll take time to crunch it all… anything posted from when they copied the databases will be lost when they install the new merged ones… or something like that – I haven’t really got a clue and just let them do what they have to do :-)

    • Gerry007
      3 years ago

      You’ll go to bed in the UK and wake up in space (probably Mars).

      Have a great Journey….

    • 3 years ago


      I’m rather enjoying the time off.

      I might actually get some Christmas shopping done this year! :O)

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