Sell their Stuff ebook showcases Selling Assistant opportunity

By Dan Wilson December 8, 2014 - 7:45 pm

Hillary DePiano is a well known writer and pundit in the ecommerce space. She’s been a marketplaces seller for donkey’s years and is a full-time seller as well as sometime author. She knows her stuff.

Her latest work is Sell their Stuff and it focuses on selling goods for other people on the various online marketplaces. It extols the opportunity as sometimes much easier than sourcing your own stock, a great use of the selling skills you already have and a potentially very lucrative avenue.

Peppered with anecdotes, practical advice and tips on how to do it successfully, Sell their Stuff is both useful and inspiring.

More than that, it’s a highly readable book because of Hilary’s entertaining prose. Well worth checking out if you want to try a bit of selling for other people. It’s available for download on Amazon.

  • 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for featuring the book, guys!

    If anyone has any questions about it, post em here or drop on over to The Whine Seller and email them to me privately.


  • Roger C
    3 years ago

    Talking of eBooks isn’t it a shame that eBay refuse to allow them on their assumed claim that most are illegal copies so breach their copyright rules. Yet Amazon allow everything – even pornography – on their site as they claim “Kindle is for adults” . . . weird.

    • chrissieboy
      3 years ago

      another anomaly is ebay don’t allow the use of CDR to describe a cd unless you are selling blanks. Most promo cds are cdr (it is not illegal to resell promos despite what is written on sleeve or disc) and also many limited issue artist self-release cds are now cdr duplicated discs as opposed to glass mastered silver factory pressed discs.

    • 3 years ago


      This is a massive pet peeve of mine too! I actually used to make an extra thousand a month basically selling eBooks as a Selling Assistant for authors that wanted their eBooks on eBay but didn’t want to deal with the selling aspect and then they changed the policy and completely shuttered that part of my business. Annoying doesn’t begin to cover it!

      And the bigger eBooks become, the dumber they look for this move!

    • Roger C
      3 years ago


      Thank you for your reply, do you perhaps feel that the time is now right for eBay to be challenged on their early draconian attitude?

      It was probably true that, in the early days, shifty people saw the e-book as a way to steal but this is now a whole international publishing medium standing on it’s own feet.

      A year or so ago, when Pay Pal wanted to remove payment processing for any Adult e-books, there was State-side such an enormous campaign against this by groups of authors that Pay Pay watered down their restrictions.

      E-Books are huge so eBay is missing out on sales! To be legal neither they nor Pay Pal need to change their conditions . . . simply let authors list . . .

      . . . and, if like me, you were always cautious about work being “copied and pasted” there is always the DNML format?

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