Nothing says “Christmas” like toilet cleaner

By Chris Dawson December 1, 2014 - 1:40 pm

We thought we’d do a bit of shopping and were amazed at some of the naff Christmas presents on Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals and . I mean there are some that are a bit suss, but there also are some gems that we just can’t believe anyone would want to unwrap for Christmas.

Here are a few of the most inappropriate gifts that we’ve spotted, let us know if you find something even less suitable for a loved one to open on Christmas morning.

Organic Toilet Fluid 2 L for MotorhomesNothing says “Christmas” like caravan toilet cleaner

Amazon say that “This organic toilet fluid from Elsan is the perfect solution for maintaining a clean and hygienic toilet in your caravan or motorhome. The formula has been developed with brand new biological technology which works in a completely different way to conventional toilet fluids. By dissolving waste and removing odours naturally, the chemical smell that has long been associated with caravan toilets has at last been eliminated and replaced with a delightful mild fragrance”.

We tend to think that the “delightful mild fragrance” most people would love to open on Christmas day is more likely to be perfume or aftershave than something for your caravan bog!

Anti Nagging Mouth SprayTell her she’s got halitosis and bitches a lot

eBay bill this one as “A hilarious present for wives who like to nag a lot! We can’t vouch for the effectiveness of this novelty product, but the will at least make the nagging easier to bear”.

That might be the case, but if you think your wife will happily give you a Christmas kiss after receiving this then you’d probably best get her something very expensive and sparkly to open as well!

W Anchor MugDon’t hide your true feelings

eBay suggest the perfect stocking filler for someone you don’t like is the ‘say what you see’ design . In fact eBay love it so much it’s the second now the first product featured in their .

If you’ve got to buy a Secret Santa present for someone you really don’t like we beg you to think twice about buying this. Even if you think that they’re a “W Anchor”, Christmas is supposed to be the season of good will to all men. Sometimes not buying anything is just the kindest thing to do.

NiveaAny old crap left at the back of the warehouse?

It’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday right? People will buy anything if it’s a deal? That certainly seems to be what Amazon thought when they found some boxes of Nivea moisturising sun spray at the back of the warehouse and chucked it up onto their holiday deals.

Either they’re expecting the unseasonably warm weather to continue, or they’re figuring that everyone is about to go on holiday to somewhere sunny. Perhaps while you’re slapping on the sun spray you might also consider having a picnic using the cool bag Amazon are also flogging on their holiday deals.

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