No let up on Amazon email response times this Christmas

By Dan Wilson December 22, 2014 - 2:09 am

This is more of a reminder than anything new. But it comes from a Tamebay correspondent who asked us whether there was any let up on Amazon response times over Christmas.

The answer is no. As with any other day of the year, Amazon sellers will have to keep up with the emails they get just as on any other day of the year. That means replying to buyer enquiries within 24 hours or risk a sanction. The rules stand on Christmas and Boxing Day and New Year’s Day just like any other.

It’s certainly not an ideal situation and decidedly unfestive but Amazon are strict on this rule and you’ll need to keep replying.

Hopefully, you won’t have much email to deal with and technology such as smartphones and automated services should take the sting out of the chore.

And don’t forget, people really do get buying again on Christmas Day when they might get Amazon vouchers or new devices to buy with. No rest for the wicked.

  • Alan
    3 years ago

    Unlike the Book Depostory (100% owned by Amazon). Muliple emails/messages before you get a response. Even when you get a response and send a follow-up email you’re back to square one (i.e. no record of your first email). Anyone would think the Book Depostory was trying to force us to use another online rival (Amazon?).

  • Mark
    3 years ago

    Do your worst, life is too short and this line of work is sometimes all consuming enough. Can you imagine sitting there on Xmas day replying to folks asking if the item will be ‘dispatched today?’

    Yeah right.

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