myHermes shipping delays

By Chris Dawson December 4, 2014 - 1:36 pm

myhermes have just given us the following statement regarding a small fire which may delay shipments today:

Due to a small fire caused by a conveyor motor burnout, we are suffering some delays at our Warrington central hub. We can confirm that nobody was hurt during the incident and no parcels were damaged. Engineers are currently on site to fix the problem and we anticipate the hub will be up and running by this evening. In the meantime, with immediate effect we have activated a central hub at Lister Hills, Bradford to process extra volumes in addition to bringing in extra staff to help manually sort parcels. We will be keeping customers fully updated at  Parcels will be delayed by up to 24 hours.

  • Bunchy
    3 years ago

    Website still says 5 days delay.

    I was going to use them today but have had to make alternative arrangements.
    We drive past that hub, it’s MASSIVE and hasn’t been open long.
    Glad to hear no-one has been hurt and there’s no parcel damage.

  • Chris
    3 years ago

    “Your myHermes Parcel Delivery
    Yesterday evening we experienced a small fire on one of our central distribution hub machines, no parcels were damaged, however it has affected our operations and therefore we are sorry to inform you there will be a delay in the delivery of your parcel(s). At this time, we expect the delay to your parcel(s) be no more than an additional 2 working days, and we are working hard to minimise this.

    Tracking Your Parcel
    You are still able to track your parcel and this will be the easiest way for you to discover when your parcel has been delivered. Our customer service department will not be able to provide you with any extra information and our online tracking service will be the most reliable way for you to track your parcel(s).

    Sending Parcels this Week
    If you still wish to send parcels with myHermes this week, please bear in mind that any parcel(s) you send will be affected by this delay.

    Normal Service
    We will be in touch to let you know as soon as our normal service has been resumed.

    For the full statement on the current situation please visit

    Again, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards

    myHermes Team”

  • 3 years ago

    Bradford and Warrington are both in the North. How does this small fire affect services across the South of the Country or indeed the Midlands?

    • 3 years ago

      Funny that! My parcel was due for delivery at a address in Kent, still not arrived yet, checked tracking and still at stage 3 out with the courier 03/12/14 at 19:03pm, that’s five days ago.

  • Martin
    3 years ago

    At least MyHermes have told us exactly what happened, and clearly had a strategy and work around to follow in the event of a problem.

    Compare this with eBay’s uninformative, detail lacking pronouncements about their outages.

    This ups trust and credibility of MyHermes. A shame Ebay can’t be equally as forthright.

    • Chris
      3 years ago

      Very Good point.
      Our Sales have dropped like a lead balloon on eBay.

  • Vladimir
    3 years ago

    I’ve been waiting for a parcel for over 2weeks, it’s marked as delivered.
    Supposedly a scanning error that has not been corrected.

    The worst service I have ever seen


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