Last call for the Tamebay Guide 2015: do you want to be included?

By Dan Wilson December 4, 2014 - 6:59 am

Tamebay Guide‘Tis the season. For the past four years, Tamebay has compiled an Ecommerce Tools and Services Guide in the run up to the New Year so that come the new calendar year you have a brand spanking new gazetteer detailing the numerous helpers, tools, tweaks and experts out there who can help you grow your ecommerce enterprise.

It’s always a big task. But we’re very proud of it and we’re also very pleased with how it’s developed in the past few years.

Most of all, we always get great feedback from Tamebay readers who tell us how it has helped them and that means a lot.

It started as a PDF download and then grew. Then we produced the website version of the guide and that has proved enormously popular.

And, needless to say, we have continued to invest in that section of the site ever since. This year we implemented a new and better homepage that showcased the multitude of services you can utilise.

Philosophically, Tamebay believes that providing information is vital. What readers do with that information is then entirely up to them. So that’s why we also introduced reviews. This gives Tamebay readers the opportunity to comment openly and truthfully (and without anonymity) on the services available.

Chris and I have been pleased with how the reviews have worked out. Not least because it gives stacks more information to potential customers. But equally, it has been a boon for the suppliers in the guide because it has allowed them to converse with customers but also register on Google.

See below an example of a successful business getting great reviews from happy punters and how that registers well in search engines. (In this case I chose ChannelGrabber but that’s just one example.)


If you know of a service that should be included in the Tamebay Guide, let us know. If your business should be included, let us know too. Contact us via the links above.

The updated Tamebay Guide to Ecommerce Services will be available in January 2015. So, do get in touch if you want in.

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