Glitch with eBay My Messages

By Chris Dawson December 16, 2014 - 4:52 pm

eBay BugWe’ve been notified that there’s a glitch with eBay My Messages. Messages are being delivered to merchants via email, but are NOT appearing in eBay My Messages.

It’s likely that if you’ve already started a conversation thread with a buyer that you will see any updates from them in your eBay My Messages. However if it’s the first time that a particular eBay user has contacted you then you probably won’t see the message.

What this means is that for the moment you need to rely on your email program to ensure that you don’t miss communications with buyers. It also means that if you routinely use third party software to manage communications with buyers, messages may also be missing from your software solution – again you’ll have to rely on emails.

It’s not a great time of year for a message glitch, chances are that buyers are asking things like “Can you deliver in time for Christmas?” and similar enquiries. However whilst it’s a nuisance it won’t affect sellers who routinely use email to respond to buyers, you’ll only be affected if you log into eBay My Messages to manage communications.

eBay are aware of the issue and their tech teams are working to fix it as soon as possible.

  • 3 years ago

    I noticed this as well and though it was just something on my end. Ebay can be screwy sometimes. Thanks for the heads up.

  • james
    3 years ago

    cant believe ebay never even bothered to email us about this. missed dozens of messages and going to be getting plenty negative regarding it.

  • Sandra
    3 years ago

    Do you know what I noticed? When the seller I was buying from wrote his item erroneously so that I could not pay for it (wrong country etc) he had to write a new listing for me. When I paid for the new listing the old one would not disappear in my messages, even though I got a message saying it was cancelled. I cannot remove the item from my ‘unpaid’ items awaiting payment. Both items had the same item number so I am not sure if that was the problem but I’m worried it will go to the unpaid items resolution division of eBay.

  • Janet McPherson
    3 years ago

    There is another side to the message glitch – if I reply to a message through my email programme instead of eBay messages it arrives at the other end with the senders message converted to html, sometimes with my message in English on the bottom, sometimes not. They really need to get their act together!

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