Facebook set to change rules on free business promotion

By Dan Wilson December 9, 2014 - 8:43 am

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is going to start clamping down on ecommerce entrepreneurs who use Facebook to promote their wares and services on the social network using social and unpaid for methods.

It seems that they want to aggressively increase the monetisation of the site and drive adoption of their paid-for advertising services. That means free promotion to followers and friends will be stymied, it seems.

It’s not clear exactly how Facebook are going to detect and then enforce such an idea but it is going to impact those who have built up a network of friends and followers interested in the products they sell online. It’s also just a bit naff, if it’s all true. Facebook have encouraged people to build those webs of interested buyers over time. It stinks to change that opportunity.

We’ll see how it pans out: do you promote your business on Facebook and will these changes have an impact on your marketing?

  • Gary
    3 years ago

    I do promote on a Facebook wall and would give up if charges applied. After all I am giving up my time to encourage Facebook members to visit Facebook. Why should I be charged for this? I should be charging Facebook! What are the going rates for authors of original material these days?

  • Bunchy
    3 years ago

    I have tried toutng my whares on facebook but it didn’t seem to have any effect so I stopped. I think it’s becuase items didn’t break out of the cycle of friends to reach potential customers. The majority of my facebook friends are sellers themselves, don’t live in the UK or are family (and get stuff from me for free if they want it). I’m not reaching potential customers and ahve no idea really how to break out of that.
    My issue is now mute really if facebook are going to be putting a stop to any advertising or promoting for free.

    • james
      3 years ago

      sounds like you could be doing with investing a few pounds on facebook. Normally your posts will only be seen by (some) friends, no good. if your friends share your posts then their friends will see, this is great for things like bands, artists, people creating content which people want to share. if its an advert for an ipod case then nobody’s sharing it.
      throw as little as £3 behind it and target in the right direction, your post will be shown to ~5,000 people who are actively interested in ipod cases.

      I’ve been experimenting recently, it really does depend on the product, the quality/direction of your post, and how you target it, but you can achieve great results for little spend with the right combination.

      i’m also all for businesses having to pay to advertise on facebook, as a facebook user no we dont come to facebook to see adverts, and no you should definitely not be getting paid for advertising on facebook any more than TV advertisers should be paid for providing 30 seconds of TV content, the notion is ridiculous. if you’re advertising, pay for advertising.

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