eBay UK increases delivery estimates for Christmas

By Dan Wilson December 11, 2014 - 4:52 pm

eBay have made an announcement today regarding the delivery estimates that eBay shoppers will see on site. We’ve published it verbatim below. You can find it on the eBay site here.

“Delivery Estimate adjustments during the festive period

With record breaking parcel volumes being delivered across the UK, we have decided to extend our delivery estimates for all domestic Royal Mail services (except Special Delivery services) by 1 day from today.
In addition to this, from next week, delivery estimates for Royal Mail, DPD and Collect+ services will be adjusted to be in line with their last posting dates.
We will continue to monitor service levels in the run-up to Christmas and update you accordingly.
The Team”

  • Dom
    3 years ago

    Amazon have this year removed the ability to manually set Christmas delivery cut off dates. Instead they will use the standard 2 days handling plus 3 to 5 working days standard delivery to determine the “May arrive after Christmas,” or “Arrives after Christmas” or “Arrives before Christmas” message. This looses us several selling days as we process all orders within 24 hours and despatch on a 48 hours day service, in the past we have taken orders up to last postage dates with the “Arrives before Christmas” message showing on product pages – seems Amazon want to force buyers to use expatiated / Prime delivery and encourage sellers to switch to FBA in the future.

  • chrissieboy
    3 years ago

    as usual ebay slow on the uptake. RM deliveries have been taking days longer for at least a week now yet no action from ebay regarding letting buyers know and preventing defect dings /INR cases sorry “requests”. Although judging on this weeks shocking sales i won’t be getting many INRs as i haven’t been selling much anyway. My tap turned off again i suppose.

    • 3 years ago

      That’s exactly how we feel. Our month started very promisingly, almost back to our selling levels on eBay last year…..before all the nonsense changes, outages, etc.. Two days ago our shop, although fantastically stocked seemed to ‘disappear’!!! It is soooooooooooooo frustrating having bought the stock, have so much to offer and then NADA!! I dont think we’ll be worrying about pre-Christmas delivery cut-offs… is laughable receiving the eBay seller email about a month ago which said ARE YOU READY FOR THE BUSIEST TIME OF THE YEAR……we used to be ready, rushed off our feet and happy……now we are in a constant state of readiness…….next eBay will be telling us to be READY FOR THE NEW YEAR RUSH!!! If my reply sounds fed up …it’s because we are!

  • Martin
    3 years ago

    Too little too late from ebay. I ordered from Amazon this morning. First Class post said 4 days delivery. Ebay are saying 2. Some packages taking 3 days to arrive first class. Which gives the buyer the better experience? Ebay at 2 days or Amazon at 4 days.

    They needed to adjust Italy mid-November when shipments suddenly slowed. Pointless to adjust just for last posting date.

    Business OK and up but not earth shattering.

  • chrissieboy
    3 years ago

    anyone else having problems with items sent to Australia? 2 claims in today from early November due to ebay’s unrealistic, unhelpful and misleading delivery times

    • Andy
      3 years ago

      We don’t ship to Australia becaus of the unrealistic and erratic delivery times. It depends massively on which City your package goes through to start with as to how long it takes to be delivered. Some can be as quick as 5 days and others 4 weeks.

  • 3 years ago

    Has eBay really extended the delivery estimate? Adjusted it to Royal Mail’s last posting dates?

    No, they haven’t. Not for our listings. Ours are, at the time of writing this, showing that if you buy today the estimated delivery is 23rd – 24th of December. We post First Class, Royal Mail’s last recommended posting date is tomorrow (Saturday) but we do not post on Saturdays, and eBay’s delivery estimate always takes this into account and does not expect us to post on a Saturday.

    So no, eBay have not adjusted their delivery estimates to Royal Mail’s last recommended dates for Christmas mail.

  • Gary
    3 years ago

    Have decided to close up on ebay as shipment (buyer?) issues starting to happen (broken/damaged/missing items). Will keep website open over Xmas as buyers there are not able to use feedback blackmail and there is a clear message about Xmas deliveries which ebay simply do not have or offer.

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