Could snow and wintery weather stymie your Christmas sales?

By Dan Wilson December 8, 2014 - 1:53 am

If all’s going well with ecommerce for small businesses, this Monday morning should be one of the busiest of your business year. The media might obsess about Black Friday or Cyber Monday but it always seems to me that it’s the various weekends in total in the run up to Christmas that count. The cumulative success of numerous days is what helps sellers.

But weekends are key and the result of that is a busy, busy Monday morning despatching the goods that a hungry public have bought over the course of the weekend. You will doubtless have been dealing with that on Saturday and Sunday anyway and now getting it sent out. If you’re busy, that’s good news.

But there may be a tricky situation around the corner: the weather has already turned snowy in parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and England too. Could that have a bad impact on sales?

We’re already seeing some grumbles from sellers regarding carriers of all stripes before the weather is even a factor. They can happily tick-over 11 months of the year but flexing to accommodate the big December rush does seem to be problematic and a dose of the Arctic could be a real problem.

Keep us posted of any weather related problems you’re experiencing. And good luck with your sales.

  • safraz i
    3 years ago

    Move Xmas to July. Fifa will be moving the world cup to winter so following the same logic…. 🙂

    • 3 years ago

      There is in fact a logic to this. Christmas is only December 25th because the Pagan Religion had a Mid Winter Festival about that date. The early Christian Logic was that if you nicked the previous religions places of worship(most early Churches were built on such as Roman Temple Sites or Pagan Religious Sites. Think about Yew Trees The pagans had these on their Religious Sites so when the Christians nicked the sites they adopted the Yew Trees.

      But the Christians also nicked the pre Christian Festivals. Indeed Easter even sounds like the Pagan Eostre that previously occupied Spring.

      The Early Christians knew that if they nicked the sites and the festivals the Pagans would have their feet kicked from under them and so it proved. The Theologians are always arguing about when their ‘Jesus Christ’ was born. They argue a great deal but the one thing they all agree on was it was not December 25th. The most likely date is in February but they cannot agree on what date in February. So feel free to nominate any date you like for Christmas. You can almost guarantee that somebody will nod in agreement and say that that is their favourite date based upon religious documents.

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