Amazon promise Christmas delivery on orders made before 7pm 23rd December

By Dan Wilson December 22, 2014 - 3:42 am

amazon push out christmas

Amazon is winning in the squeaky bum stakes as it continues to push out the ‘Christmas cliff’ and advertises next day delivery on some items even if you order up to 7pm on the day before Christmas Eve. It could be even later within the M25.

The title of the email I received just after midnight GMT on Monday morning was: “Order by Tuesday, December 23rd, for free* UK One-Day delivery in time for Christmas” The email clicks through to their Christmas landing page.

It’s a very interesting gambit. And potentially risky. It’s an even more confident claim considering the multiple problems couriers have had this Christmas time.

Of course, restrictions apply. But it’s still a very bold strategy. I’m not sure I’d take the risk of buying a Christmas present for a loved one so close to the big day and wait to have it delivered. Would you?

  • Gary
    3 years ago

    Amazon are not concerned about feedback. If ebay dropped all feedback arrangements I would sell up until Xmas Eve and promise delivery on Xmas day also!

    • Mark
      3 years ago

      Good point! Amazon haven’t got anything to lose by offering this – if they mess up . . . so what? Unlike the rest of us who sell via Amazon. Different rules.

  • Richard
    3 years ago

    I’m not a huge buyer on Amazon by any means, but looking at some of the big volume sellers who use FBA I see their feedback littered with de-scored feedback about late deliveries…

    Message from Amazon: “This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfilment experience.”

  • Bunchy
    3 years ago

    I’d like to test this, but as it’s the poor guys and gals on the front line of delivery services running themselves into the ground for Amazon profits on Christmas Eve then I won’t bother.
    All the couriers I’ve seen wizzing about my local area and sometimes coming to my door look terrible.

    • Mark_H
      3 years ago

      The local couriers will also get the grief from customers when they deliver the item after Christmas.

      Those who deliver late on X-mas eve will also get criticised even though they are doing their best to deliver.

  • JD
    3 years ago

    Amazon are absolute beginners at this!

    My daughter had an Amazon logistics card in her post box yesterday.

    There was nothing on the card with either her name or a reference number.

    The house number (where the parcel was supposedly left) did not exist and close matches to the number had no person of the name supposedly with whom the parcel was left.

    Yodel, on the other hand, on a recent missed delivery to me, gave both a reference number (checkable on their website) and my name along with a house number that did exist.

    Yodel 1 Amazon 0!

    And that surprised me very nicely, thank you Yodel.

    Happy Christmas all.

  • peter stanley
    3 years ago

    Well they do seem to have succeeded, I ordered something from Amazon themselves just before Midnight Monday and it turned up this morning. It wasn’t anything important and I wasn’t expecting it until after Xmas especially as I only paid for 1st class delivery not guaranteed 1 day delivery but Royal Mail knocked on my door at 8.45am this morning.

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