Win free parcel delivery for whole of January 2015

By Chris Dawson November 6, 2014 - 10:33 am

myHermes have announced a competition which will see 5 people to win free delivery of all their parcels in January 2015.

All you need do to enter is send 150 parcels in any calendar week (Sunday to Saturday) between now and December the 20th. If you send 150 parcels in any single week then you’ll be entered into the draw. The competition is open to all myHermes users both those with business accounts and casual users.

There is an upper limit on the free parcel deliveries, it’s up to £1000 for each of the five winners, but with myHermes competitive prices that’s a lot of free carriage for your January orders.

This is actually a competition which you’ve a pretty good chance of winning. There are a limited number of online retailers who a) ship 150 parcels a week in the run up to Christmas and b) who are also agile enough to switch courier and use myhermes. That being the case if you qualify for entry and with five people set to win, we’d love some (or all!) the winners to be Tamebay readers.

Of course myHermes have made it easy for marketplace sellers to ship with them, they’ve got simple import processes for both shipping your eBay orders and despatching your Amazon shipments.

  • elvis
    3 years ago

    Do MyHermes deliver to the customers door or are they the ones where you send it to a shop and the customer has to go pick it up?

    • 3 years ago

      They deliver to the customer’s door, regardless if you book a collection or of you drop them off at a ParcelShop.

  • Gary
    3 years ago

    I visit the Hermes drop off point daily and there is always a large pile of packages awaiting collection. Even though there is a post office right next door! While I will never get to the 150 packages a week target as most stuff goes PPI, anything that I feel needs tracking and/or a signature goes Hermes and I am entirely comfortable with their service.

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