EMAIL wins UKTI contest for helping SMEs export

By Dan Wilson November 10, 2014 - 6:34 am, a service from Evil Technology basted in the North East, has won the ‘Get Set to Export’ competition hosted by Wilton Centre, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI). is a cloud based software application which aims to make it easier for business to trade online across in the UK and across borders. It already plugs into eBay and Amazon and the company and has plans to add to the portfolio in the next few months.

Paul Sheperia, managing director of Evil Technology, says: “This is a real boost to the work we’re putting into making a success, and helps us realise the export potential of this innovative solution for retailers. We’re very grateful to Redcar and Cleveland Council for its continued support.”

“It’s aimed squarely at businesses that primarily trade online, multichannel so if you sell stuff online through Amazon, eBay and through your website you trade across the world wide channels, which means as a seller you’ve got to administer each of your different markets separately.

“So if you sell things separately in France and America and Germany and Japan each of those, just on eBay, is a separate thing for you to collect your orders, to place your stock, to manage your stock online, change your stock online and manage your pricing.

“If you do a lot of selling online and you’re doing it all through multi-channel stuff, what you find is that, each individual bit of processing of an order or managing your inventory – although it’s quite small in itself – scales up into a problem very quickly.”

“Imagine you have one product but you’re selling it in 10 different places, but you’ve only got one item. If you sell it in any one of those 10 different places you now haven’t got that product. So you’ve now got to go to all those other nine places and knock your inventory down by one. If you multiply that up by all the number of orders you get and the number of products you’re listing, on a daily basis, it quickly becomes an issue for you.

The judges liked Stockhandler because it’s an exportable product in itself, but also facilitates the efforts of other exporters. It’s great too to see homegrown talent recognised.

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