Royal Mail to use network to assist Missing People charity

By Chris Dawson November 14, 2014 - 6:32 am

Missing PeopleRoyal Mail is partnering with the charity Missing People.

Currently, 123,000 people directly receive Child Rescue Alerts, as well as other members of the public being informed of missing person appeals through Twitter, Facebook, digital billboards and media and corporate partnerships. The new partnership with Royal Mail will effectively double this.

Sue Whalley, Chief Operations Officer, Royal Mail, said: “Royal Mail’s postmen and women are out in the community six days a week, across the country. We are all very aware of the trauma experienced by the families and communities of missing people, particularly children. We want to use our unique position to support this important service and perhaps help to reunite families with their missing loved ones.

This is a unique use of a company’s infrastructure in the UK, whilst we’re used to Royal Mail delivering letters, or for Tamebay readers probably more importantly parcels, there’s no other organisation in the UK which visits every street and delivers to every single door in the country on a daily basis.

Whilst I recognise this isn’t the typical Tamebay “Ecommerce” story, it’s a great use of the latest technology that Royal Mail have deployed at little cost but which could make a real difference to families affected by missing loved ones.

Bravo Royal Mail for opening up your network.

  • Nina
    3 years ago

    Well done Royal Mail. This is a brilliant initiative. Who is better placed to find a missing person than the local postie? I am interested in seeing the results of this.

  • Bunchy
    3 years ago

    Great idea. I’ve often wondered why the UK don’t do the picture on the milk carton idea that they do (or used to do) in the USA.

  • northumbrian
    3 years ago

    great idea in theory but what about the reality
    do posties actually take any notice with all the other things they need to do,
    whats next for the postie community policing, lost dogs, parking wardens, litter collection, etc etc etc

    • northumbrian
      3 years ago

      we would add if royal mail cant find a letter with tracking numbers what chance to they stand with a missing child
      the idea is noble, though we worry about complacency ,a sort of royal mail has put an alert out ,it lets get on with what were doing sort of attitude

    • 3 years ago

      Don’t the Royal Mail auction off all the lost mail in Belfast. I wonder if they intend to send all the Lost Children there as well.

    • northumbrian
      3 years ago

      we would be more impressed if royal mail gave or free of charge facility to local support groups informational flyers with local problems missing persons etc say once a month to all the posties to delivery free of charge

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