Own your marketplace reputation with eRated

By Chris Dawson November 26, 2014 - 12:32 pm

eRated ImageWe’ve seen that large companies don’t really need feedback to engender trust on eBay. If you’re buying from a High Street brand you probably don’t worry too much how much feedback they’ve got, so much so that eBay have started hiding their feedback.

What if you’re a large retailer but without the brand recognition though? You may have a ton of feedback on one marketplace but none on another which you’re just getting started on. That’s where eRated comes in.

eRated lets you expand to new markets using your existing reputation to reassure potential buyers that you’re trustworthy. Now, you can easily expand to new marketplaces without re-building your brand from scratch. Not only that but eRated also provides you with in-depth analytics to improve your marketplace presence.

eRated collects the ratings and reviews you have received in any marketplace. Once information is collected, eRated calculates your reputation score – your eRated score and then displays your reputation widget within their partner marketplaces (which includes eBay, eRated is an eBay certified application)

If you’d like to own your reputation and, according to eRated, boost your marketplace sales by 20% sign up for eRated today.

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