How to get sales from Flubit’s growth

By Chris Dawson November 6, 2014 - 9:32 am

Flubit on TrainFlubit, after a period of intense development have fully opened up so new customers can use the site, as Flubit looks to grow rapidly over the next 12 months. We’re also looking forward to the imminent announcement of their partnership with Barclaycard Bespoke offers.

Flubit has been invite only for the last year to allow them to control growth and ensure customer service levels were maintained. The infrastructure, robust systems and operations are now in place to be able to scale rapidly, with this in mind they have embarked on their largest promotional campaign yet with digital advertising across Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Gmail and an advertising campaign across the train networks in the South East.

Flubit is also receiving significant press attention having recently appeared in Forbes Magazine and the Evening Standard this week. They’ve also been getting recognition through industry awards and have recently been shortlisted for awards including The National Business Awards, eCommerce Awards for Excellence and The Good Web Guide.

SalesWhat you as a retailer need to know about Flubit

All this exposure has led to a 30% month on month increase in Flubit’s web traffic, demands and new customers since August and this is set to continue into November and the holiday season. One of the fantastic aspects of Flubit is their conversion rate – last month it was 28%, we suspect so high because consumer visiting Flubit have already decided what they want to buy so they’re just looking for a deal. Flubit can send these buyers directly to you.

There’s still time to get hooked up to Flubit to take advantage in the run up to Christmas. If you’re worried about integrating a new marketplace in Q4, it’s fairly simple if you’re already a Linnworks, Magento, eSellerPro or ChannelAdvisor user. You can simply switch Flubit on as another channel and join over 300 merchants who are fully integrated through these software tools or Flubit’s own API.

Flubit are seeing strong levels of demands for books, video games, toys & games, computing and media and are actively looking for merchants who can supply product SKUs in these categories as well as a number of other key verticals. If that’s you visit WeFlubit today to sign up.

  • Simon M
    3 years ago

    My only experience with Flubit so far was as a customer.

    I placed a request for a video game. It was accepted with a good price a couple of hours later. Which I duly provided payment details for.

    5 hours later, the order is cancelled by the merchant, saying it was out of stock.

    Not a great start, and I haven’t bothered going back since. I guess mistakes happen, but given it was my first “go”, I experienced a 100% failure rate! I may try again in the future, but I guess the key is to treat them like an auction site, in that you might not win at the last second, and don’t rely on it for any last minute shopping.

    Your mileage may however vary.

  • Jason Cooke
    3 years ago

    Have to agree. Just too many steps and resistance for most smaller priced items. It may work for expensive products where people have time to wait.

  • Mark
    3 years ago

    Flubit lost its usefulness when they restricted themselves to competing with Amazon.

    This must have burnt through their startup capital as they often ordered from the original merchant subsidising the purchaser by a few percent. The best deal I got was when ordering a new control PCB for my central heating boiler. They made me a quote without realising that the listed price did not include VAT.

  • UlsterGooner
    3 years ago

    Why are they targeting Amazon only? Are they on a witch hunt?

  • 3 years ago

    We have been on flubit for over a year now and it has generated almost zero sales. The ‘flubit base prices’ we have given them are silly low but as far as I know they have made a loss on every single one of the sales they have made.

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