Free Listings for Private Sellers on eBay UK 16-18th November

By Dan Wilson November 17, 2014 - 12:41 am

We’ve had it reported to us that there is a free listing event for the 16th to 18th of November for private sellers on eBay UK.

Sadly, we can’t really tell you any more than that because we can’t see the pages or the Terms and Conditions.

eBay have increasingly not publicised the dates or terms of these events over the last year or so.

If you are eligible, you will likely have seen an email or message from eBay and should also see it publicised in your selling dashboard.

If you do have more details that we can share with fellow eBay traders who might be interested, we’d be ever so grateful. (A link to a landing page or even a screen grab is always terribly appreciated.)

UPDATE: This page has more details

  • Toadlady
    3 years ago

    I’m assuming it is one their ‘invitation only’ ones. I don’t have an invite on any of my private selling IDs.

    • Nicolette
      3 years ago

      I received an invite but it only arrived on 18th Nov which hasn’t given me time to use it. This is not the first time and it annoys me each time. Why send the invite on the last day of the offer unless they don’t really want you to use it! Just call me cynical!

  • 3 years ago

    Yup Toadlady,

    As far as we know.


  • Chris McAndrew
    3 years ago

    I clicked on the link and, sure enough, it came back with “Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only.”

    So, obvious question, what must I do to get an invitation?

  • radroach
    3 years ago

    There are in fact two versions of this promotion – the one featured in the update above:

    which is for auctions with buy it now, or just buy it now

    and one for “normal auctions” or buy it now:

    • 3 years ago

      Thanks Radroach.

      That’s very useful. We didn’t have that information when I wrote the piece,

  • 3 years ago

    There is another Free Listing Event on from the 22nd-27th November. Its the now usual invitation and you have to accept the offer and book in. Where the usual Blue 20 Free Listings for Private Sellers box is just occasionally its Red and showing 100 Free Listings for this weekend. When you see that(and you have to look for it because it is more often than not the blue 20 rather than the red 100 that is showing). When it shows red click on it and you will be transferred to the pages showing the offer and details and where you have to accept the terms.

    In the recent Free Listings I have not managed to enter 100 items except those when I have items in Unsold. Hopefully with the extra time I will be able to enter 100 items.

  • radroach
    3 years ago

    Yet another invitation only offer for private sellers, now live until the 26th – 100 listings

    Of more use to me, as a business seller, is the offer on the US site – 500 listings until the same day, open to all

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