eBay UK 100 free listing promo until 27th for Private Sellers

By Dan Wilson November 22, 2014 - 6:09 pm

eBay UK are holding another promo for invited private sellers between 22nd and 27th of Novemeber.

You can find the promo page here.

If you’re invited and eligible, if you click the Accept Offer and Sign In page on that page you’ll find out whether you’re eligible and invited. If you’re in the eligible cohort, you should also have received an email or message via eBay.

The blurb says: “Create up to 100 listing(s) in an eligible category during the promotion period using the auction-style or fixed price format and you won’t pay an insertion fee per listing (promotional rate) during the promotion period when you actively opt in to the promotion via the RSVP link shown in the marketing communication.”

  • 3 years ago

    ebay are flashing again this weekend about a Free Listing Weekend 6-8 December. Its a bit different to usual in that its for only 50 listings but there is a change. Usually there is a one time Free Re-list if your item does not sell. However in the blurb it quotes 5 Optional Re-Lists if an item does not sell. However when you list an item the line that informs you of the free re-lists if your item does not sell is still quoting only one Free List. So it may be a case of asking Tamebay very nicely if they can check with their contacts at ebay as to whether it is 5 free re-lists or one free re-list. Or else we shall have to wait until the item has been through the sausage machine twice and see if it ends up in unsold or is re-listed again.

    The offer follows the now normal format where you have to watch for the flashing item in the place the normal 20 free listing box is. You have then to click onto it and accept the terms and sign in and your then ready to re-list 50 items. Also according to the item this is ebay’s Christmas Gift to Private Sellers from us(ebay). I would like to know how I can put it under the Tree although Mr ebay I am really grateful…yes I am.

  • radroach
    3 years ago

    Business sellers now have a free buy it now listing offer, by invitation, from today right through till December 21st – up to 50,000 listings

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