eBay vid explains Customer Centric Commerce

By Dan Wilson November 12, 2014 - 1:32 am

Aside from thinking the Princess Diana tenner quite bizarre, we offer this vid published by eBay this week without comment.

  • jon
    3 years ago

    Jesus, why doesn’t someone “reach out” to ebay and advise them on how to gain “friction” with their REAL customers, the sellers, and put the white boards and BS business sound bites away and concentrate on the basics, stable platform and driving sales up. They seriously need to get over themselves and this self congratulating hyperbole and concentrate on working; the customer experience they provide to sellers is terrible.

  • Gary
    3 years ago

    Two sellers (ebay customers? who knows who the customers are these days) could produce a parody script and video for Youtube. Without wishing to insult the yanks Jeremy Clarkson style, what works for Americans does not necessarily work for the British.

    Ideas for the script in less than 100 words on a postcard below….

    • JD
      3 years ago

      Can’t find, can’t buy, can’t pay? Try cash in the High Street.

  • Steve
    3 years ago

    It should be a part of ebay contract of employment that every employee should sell 100 items a year on the site. Perhaps then, they will begin to understand buyers, rather than all this Customer Centred bs…

  • 3 years ago

    Do we have any idea what it cost to make this garbage.? Who is it aimed at? Just who is it intended to impress? Or is it the sort of thing that bored and grossly overpaid executives are likely to approve when they really cannot think of anything to do.

  • 3 years ago

    ‘Hand crafted’ – I love it! What about Artisan marketplace?

  • paddy
    3 years ago

    The problem is that Ebay view the Buyers as their customers. The video seems solely aimed at impressing them. Unless they want to actually start selling stuff they should maybe think about looking after the guys that pay the bills.

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