eBay buries job ad in website source code

By Chris Dawson November 24, 2014 - 6:59 am

Do you know what “Java for back-end with MongoDB/MySQL, and HTML/LESS/jQuery and vanilla JavaScript in the front-end (with a little bit of Node.js)” actually means? Nope? My neither, except that it’s something to do with writing code. However that is the skill set eBay are looking for in an engineer to help build the eBay home page.

eBay Job AdeBay have come up with a novel way of advertising too. Rather than simply stick an advert in the jobs papers, they’ve buried the ad at the top of the source code for the eBay home page.

Of course not many people will ever look at the source code for eBay, mere mortals don’t understand the code so why would we? Out of those that do look, there’s a high probability that they understand code and so it’s the perfect place to put a job ad.

Just in case you think I’ve gone all techy (God forbid!), it was Matt Ogborne of UnderstandingE that spotted the ad and gave us the heads up.

  • user
    3 years ago

    atleast now we know why ebay is always down.
    perks: fridge full of beer

  • Robert C
    3 years ago

    A few weeks ago I noticed every Amazon page contains a comment at the end of every source code…


  • Toby
    3 years ago

    That has been embedded there for more than a year

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