eBay and PayPal Glitches

By Chris Dawson November 2, 2014 - 11:02 pm

We’ve heard of a number of issues with eBay this Sunday and now it looks like PayPal is glitching as well.

PayPal appears to have broken on mobile devices, at least on the PayPal app.

We’ve also had reports that when a seller clicks on their own listings they’re reported as showing closed with no sales. Log out and check your own listings again and you should be able to see them as open (with or without sales correctly displayed).

We’ve also had a report that eBay shop search isn’t working although we’ve been unable to verify that.

Have you noticed any issues with eBay. Are your customers able to pay you? We’re hoping these are relatively isolated incidents and especially in the case of PayPal that they’re fixed quickly.

To be fair to eBay and PayPal it’s not just them that have issues. On Friday evening Barclays Internet banking was down for a short while.

Updated to add: PayPal have asked us to publish the following apology
We know that some of our customers may have had issues paying with PayPal for a short time today. We have resolved the problem and encourage anyone who was unable to make a payment to try again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. –PayPal spokesperson

  • 3 years ago

    Today has been an absolute disaster trying to get thing to work both on eBay and Paypal

    Woke up to all my listings having disappeared, kept getting error message. Got friends to check and whilst they could see my listings I could not even access “Items Sold” or Live Listings. Then it clicked that yesterday the 90 day return policy had gone live. Edited everything back to 14 days and listings reappeared. I ended up ringing CS to tell them what the remedy to the glitch was as they did not have a clue.

    Auction items which normally show “Sell Similar” in the right hand column to remind you that they have been listed twice without success are showing “Relist” as if they have only been listed once. Grr

    Created 5 sales today, everything went through fine, except the sale items are not appearing in the Shop Front Sales Carousel, it is showing items NOT IN THE SALE.

    Despite the above sales were coming in, then 21.00 hrs and nothing – Paypal is down.

    All this in what should be our busiest month!!!!!

  • Kathleen O Halloran
    3 years ago

    I can log in to ebay, can view items, but cannot buy or bid, get message internet not available. Can this problem be resolved as I need to place an order

  • Leigh
    3 years ago

    A customer bought two items so I revised the postage amount to reflect combined shipping and sent an invoice to him. On ‘my ebay’ page it showed the amended postage rate but if I clicked on ‘view order details’ it had the original higher postage rate for the two items.
    The buyer emailed to say that on the invoice I sent him only one item was showing instead of the two that I could see…..I can’t verify what he was seeing but it all seems a bit odd.

  • Gary
    3 years ago

    ebay buyers have reported and apologised for not being able to make payments which this morning have now been made. “Pay Now” button not connecting buyers to Paypal. Hope this did not affect the ability of bidders to bid.

    This did not affect website where payments made successfully throughout evening. So it was probably more of an ebay thing not a paypal thing.

  • Ian A
    3 years ago

    Technical problems this morning

    Messages : Page not responding
    Purchased items : Not available at this time

    Tried to pay for auction I won last night via mobile : Paypal error. Cant see my purchase history to pay on desktop or see messages that I need to dispatch items.

  • Elle
    3 years ago

    eBay USA put down my second account – all my listings just gone!
    PayPal USA had glitches, so my buyers couldn’t make payments!

    And this is just a beginning at Holiday season..

  • Gerry007
    3 years ago

    Oh the joy of Ebay…….

  • Ian A
    3 years ago

    Sounding like a broken record

    I wish they’d stop being so innovative and just get the basics working better

    The site still has an overall clunky feel to it compared with say etsy and looks confusing compared to amazon. The eBay app is the best thing about it – (for buying not listing. When I relist on the app it usually messes up my photos) and I get warnings they are suddenly below 500px

  • Gary
    3 years ago

    Search not working tonight. I’m looking for stuff and everything but is coming up. Not good if you are selling. 🙁

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