Doddle sponsor Amazon Black Friday deals

By Chris Dawson November 18, 2014 - 1:37 am

If you visited Amazon today you will probably have noticed that Doddle advertising has sprung up all over their Black Friday deals.

Doddle on Amazon

This is a smart move for Doddle, we know that Amazon’s deals are massively popular at this time of year as consumers expect them to slash prices. Not only that but many consumers will visit the Black Friday deals page multiple times a day during the course of the week as deals are released in tranches each hour.

As well as a teaser on the Amazon UK home page, Doddle have a full width banner on the deals page as well as lager MPU adverts throughout the site (must have cost them a small fortune!).

What it does however tell us is that Doddle are serious about growing their business and I suspect that many other delivery companies are now peeved that they didn’t get in on the Amazon Deals with the sponsorship.
Doddle Text Offer
Coincidently having spotted Doddle’s sponsorship on Amazon this evening, I also received a text from them (as a registered user), offering me unlimited free collections until Christmas. Guess which delivery address I’ll be having all my Amazon orders sent to for the rest of this year!

  • anniescats
    3 years ago

    I like the idea of using Doddle too. However, being based in Swansea, the nearest collection point is Birmingham over 100 miles away! I think they are advertising before they have a reasonable network set up…

  • Mark
    3 years ago

    Amazon do not seem to be very good at offering geographically limited adverts.

    I remember when they included leaflets advertising Orcado with almost every purchase to orders from areas which were not served by Orcado (nowhere in Scotland is so it was not a simple case of being close to the edge of the delivery zone).


    The Doodle locations do seem to have some large gaps. 2 pick up points in Glasgow and then a gap until Birmingham.

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