BQool launch Amazon feedback services in Europe

By Dan Wilson November 4, 2014 - 4:27 pm

BQool is extending its Feedback services to the Amazon Europe platform, and now includes Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

“With an increased need of our services across additional platforms, we felt it was important to satisfy the demands of our bourgeoning clientele, and to make our services more accessible,” said Jonathan Low, CEO of BQool. “Feedback Central has been popular due to its ability to manage customer feedback and request both positive feedback and product reviews. Higher feedback and review ratings, as well as higher seller counts, tend to lead to increased sales.”

BQool also has unveiled a new one year subscription plan, where a 10% discount is given to subscribers who sign up for a year of BQool service. This allows BQool users to save additionally from their existing services.

  • Cambridge_Blue
    5 years ago

    We have not used the feedback services from these guys but we have trialled the Amazon repricer in the UK and reckon it has one of the best user interfaces currently available in the market.
    Unfortunately the flexibility of pricing rules still does not match the market leader which is a pity otherwise they would be a serious contender for #1 spot on the repricer table.
    The pricing is OK mind and the trial period is 30 days (and you will need all of it).

  • Jason Cooke
    5 years ago

    This should be an integral feature for Marketplace sellers. Forget 3rd party companies.

  • Cambridge_Blue
    5 years ago

    Some multichannel software does indeed include a repricing application but they can be highly variable in the level of integration and quality.
    An Amazon repricer is such a key application that many sellers like us choose the ‘best of breed’ where we value the absolute quality of repricer over the value of ease of integration for example.
    However there is plenty of choice available so choose what is best for you and let the market decide.

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