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By Chris Dawson November 25, 2014 - 11:03 pm

Chris Dunne over at Repricer Express has spotted a listing promotion on for free listings for ALL sellers. This is in addition to any free listings you might already qualify for.

It enables you to list for up to 500 listings, auction-style or fixed price, for free up until the 26th November. Listing durations of 5, 7, and 10 days are included in this Promotion. This offer applies to listings on, eBay Motors Parts & Accessories, and eBay Canada. You’ll pay no insertion fee per item listed and no additional fee for adding 10-day Duration to these listings.

There are some criteria such as not being a below standard seller, so .

The promotion actually started on the 21st, so apologies for the late heads up, but we’ve only just found out about it. If you’ve got product you want to list ready for the busiest shopping period as the US heads into Thanksgiving now’s the time to get them up on

  • Steve
    7 years ago

    Nice one, I have about 1 hour to write 500 listings!

  • Wayne
    7 years ago

    I came here looking for an explanation on why Ebay changed marketing strategies this year. In 2013, Ebay had free posting days almost every 2 weeks. Because of this I was able to maximize sales versus posting costs and cleared almost $6000(US) for the Christmas season. This year, I’ve only managed to pull in $2,000 (US) in total sales with nearly $900 of that going to ebay fees!!

    This year… from September – December… Ebay only had ONE free posting set (Nov 21-26) which it did not advertise or alert dealers to.

    Why the shift? Why so many posting days in 2013 and almost nothing this year? It seemed that last year they were encouraging dealers to post… understanding that the bottom line was they would make their $$$$ off of the sale of product. (Ebay takes roughly 10% of each sale, generally speaking) this year it seems like they did everything in their power to bring sales to a grinding halt.

    Does anyone out there have any info on this? Anyone? Anywhere out there?

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