You’ll like this, not a lot but you’ll like it!

By Chris Dawson October 13, 2014 - 11:38 am

Paul DanielsAn interview with Paul Daniels in today’s Telegraph reveals his wife didn’t marry him for his money (at the time he wasn’t a millionaire), he wasted a lot of money on expensive cars, his best financial advice is that “it’s possible to put a tiny percentage of your income away and if you never touch that fund, it will grow without you having to really do anything“.

Oh and when asked whether he carries cash, debit or credit cars the magician revealed he hates shopping on the high street and much prefers to shop online with PayPal. He explained that PayPal is “super-simple and it reduces the form filling once you’ve set it up. The vast majority of what I buy is online because with shopping in towns, the councils haven’t properly planned on parking and then they overcharge for shopping in their shops anyway. It’s just uneconomical to go shopping“.

You can read the full article online on the Telegraph website. Often regarded as one of the UK’s cheesiest magicians, Paul Daniels has long been an eBay fan and for three years even had a celebrity stalker chronicling his eBay sales.

  • 2 years ago

    paul daniels…sponsored by paypal!

  • Simon
    2 years ago

    Who’s going to say it first.
    NOW THAT’S MAGIC !!!!! B-)))))

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