Why you’re unable to opt out of Click & Collect on eBay UK

By Chris Dawson October 9, 2014 - 8:14 pm

ArgosWe’ve just heard from eBay that there’s a delay between eBay opting you into Click & Collect at Argos and you being able to manually opt yourself back out. Thanks to Tamebay reader John for bring the issue to our attention.

Currently when you find you’ve been included (which could be because you’ve specified Other 24 or Other 48 hour courier), you’ll be unable to opt out immediately. You are likely to see a message such as “You recently made a change to your selling preferences, you won’t be able to edit this yet. Please try again later“.

eBay tell us “We definitely want sellers to be able to opt out asap once opted in if they wish to do so. Unfortunately there appears to be a delay in that sellers can only complete this 24hours after being opted in, we are working to resolve this”.

We’ll update as soon as we know eBay have fixed the issue to enable you to opt out immediately if for any reason you can’t fulfil Click & Collect orders, for instance if you don’t use one of the five specified couriers.

If an order does slip through the net and is shipped to Argos for Click & Collect don’t worry too much. There’s a likelihood that the item will be accepted by Argos anyway. eBay have also promised that in all cases they will protect the sellers feedback or defects if you accidentally ship with the wrong carrier and your parcel is rejected.

  • JD
    3 years ago

    Site down again? Perhaps they tried to add one too many sellers to Click and Collect tonight.

  • Phil
    3 years ago

    YET AGAIN Ebay UK isn’t working properly. I’m clicking on auction links in search results and the link just cycles me back to a page with “Similar Results” rather than the listing I wanted.


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