The UK: The most succcessful economy in the EU

By Chris Dawson October 24, 2014 - 8:35 pm

The European Commission is penalising Britain for taking tough decisions, putting in place a long-term economic plan and for having the most successful economy in the EU, while actually rewarding France for being an economic basket case“. That’s according to Syed Kamall, the leader of Conservative MEPs.

His comments come after it was revealed today that the UK has been given a back dated additional bill for £1.7 billion, which the EU have demanded be paid by December the 1st.

Prime Minister David Cameron was apoplectic on the TV today, so much so he could hardly get his words out as he said “It is an appalling way to behave. I am not paying that bill on December the 1st. If people think I am they have got another thing coming“.

Nigel Farage is jumping up and down in glee at the prospect of more UKIP votors, David Cameron is blustering about a bill which he’ll probably be forced to pay unless he can finesse enough EU leaders to block the entire EU budget and then demand concessions and the general population look at £1.7billion as a massive amount of money and look forward to the promised EU referendum which comes ever closer but never quite arrives.

There’s much been said in the media already about this bill, particularly galling as most of the cash the EU is demanding from us will go the the French and Germans as the two countries in line for the largest rebates… the so called powerhouses of the EU economy but both countries with finances in a much worse state then the UK.

The truth is though that it’s a tiny amount of money (just over £27 is your share of the bill in case you were wondering). The £1.7 billion is spread over many years from 2013 to as far back as 2002 and while it sounds a lot in governmental terms it’s practically a rounding error.

It’s still an absurd situation, there’s no other organisation I can think of who retrospectively recalculates your subs from a decade ago and demands you cough up additional funds (or indeed gives you cash back as will happen for some EU countries). It’s done and dusted, in national budgetary terms it’s a small amount of pocket change, write it off as an accounting error.

What this really does is highlight the question of how much the UK average voter appreciates the EU and whether they’ll be likely to vote to stay or go when and if we eventually get a referendum. This is not going to help the pro-european quarter but adds fuel to the fire for those who would rather we quit.

The one good thing is confirmation that the UK has the best economy in the EU. Whilst things may not have been that financially rosy for many in recent times, there are plenty of countries worse off than us. There are worse places than the UK to be running a business.

  • Gerry007
    3 years ago

    Blair giving up our rebates contributes to this situation, if not causing it.

    If I had my way I would give my £27 worth to some food bank charity in the UK, not that we should have any (as we are such a successful country)…!!

  • 3 years ago

    Every day it seems as if the EU and the bunch of clowns that run it(badly) are trying to force the UK to leave the EU. If there was a Referendum Today I would not think twice about voting to leave the EU to drown in its own stagnation and incompetence.

    Only a few days ago there was statements that the UK only had any credence in the World because it was part of the EU. Has the EU any credence at all? Basically Germany and the UK is respected around the World. But who in their right mind has any respect for the other countries most of whom are basket cases and the EU with its disaster of a currency the Euro is a joke from beginning to end. GET OUT NOW.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      3 years ago

      I wondered how long it would take your first post to appear on this topic that is the usual mix of ignorant claptrap and you did not disappoint as ever.
      No doubt my friends in Denmark, Finland, Ireland Netherlands, Poland & Sweden would be less than amused at being considered ‘basket cases’.
      Moaning about the bureaucracy, costs and failings of the EU always reminds me of the famous part of Matthew 7:3 where he talks about judging others.
      Compared to the EU itself we are wasting a shed load more of our money here in the UK courtesy of the political class at Westminster.
      Compared to them the EU is a sideshow.
      So in the interests of balance here on these forums I shall lead the Referendum rallying cry – IGNORE THE NUTTERS, VOTE YES YES YES!
      God Bless ‘Farage & a pint of bitter’.
      pip pip

    • 3 years ago

      It had to be that the representatives of the Quislings would lodge a posting about their unswerving devotion to the EU. There is little or no good in the EU and never has been yet the Quislings are always there trying to make out that the UK would be in trouble if we regained our Right of Self Determination.

      At the Next General Election in May 2015 those who are totally against the basket case EU will win a considerable amount of support across the Country. The Tories will claim that they are the only Party that can renegotiate out terms with the EU and then run an In/Out Referendum while the UKIP Party will say ‘Get Out Now’. The Labour Party will make all sorts of noises depending on who they are talking to and the Lib-Dems will disappear into the Political Black Hole never to be seen again(Thank Goodness) as they are the main Quisling Party in the UK.

      After all lets look at some of the LIES of the Quislings ‘That 3 million UK Jobs would disappear if we left the EU. Total and utter garbage. The EU and the UK would continue to trade after all the EU sell us 50% more than we sell them. If they stop us trading with them then we stop them selling to us and they suffer more than we do. Its in the EU interest to continue to allow trade between the EU and UK.

      I am hoping for a large number of UKIP MP’s(and before anybody says that this is not possible and they cannot win more than one or two at this stage predictions like that are pure Crystal Ball Gazing and apart from a few with such a Crystal Ball any such predictions are totally garbage which is why I hope for results rather that claim that they are sure fired certainties).

      In regard to wasting money I would totally agree. After all Cambridge is a wealthy part of the Country. Why does the Government subsidise Cambridge to the massive extent that it does rather than spending the monies in areas which need it?

    • Cambridge_Blue
      3 years ago

      Another UKIP advert from the Cornish commentard who combines ignorance and verbosity in almost equal measure.
      God bless ‘Quislings’ for they get to choose who gets shot next.
      pip pip

  • Rick
    3 years ago

    There are far better things people would rather do with their £27 than send it to the bloated EU for more of their vanity projects and lavish trips for unelected bureaucrats. Just another example of the evils of socialism – punish success and give the money to the lazy to try to make us all equal.

  • Cole
    3 years ago

    Its odd that the media has made no mention we received a £3 billion rebate in 2012, while other countries paid more.

  • Gary
    3 years ago

    UK gives EEC £15B but we only receive £5.5B back in subsidy/grants. £3B rebate compensates for limited kick backs. UK net contribution = £6.5B and this gets distributed to France and Germany and others.

  • Gary
    3 years ago

    EEC now want extra £1.7B increasing net contribution by 26% and increasing ebay style hoops so no additional benefits for UK

  • Cambridge_Blue
    3 years ago

    The cost of our net contribution to the EU is running at just over 0.5% of our GDP.
    To put that in perspective it is roughly the amount we spend on overseas economic and military aid.
    The sum is simply dwarfed by our spending on Health, Education & DWP (mostly to pensioners) alone.
    For that we gain membership of the largest trading block in the world with a population and GDP greater than the US.
    In terms of membership of a very exclusive club indeed some would say that is reasonable ticket price to get to play across Europe.

    • derek duval
      3 years ago

      Yes we want to trade but we dont want any more unskilled labour We got enough of our own that are sat on benifits. That is the issue and thats why ukip are doing well at the polls. Not rocket science

    • Cambridge_Blue
      3 years ago

      Immigration is simply one facet of free trade between countries so within the EU the free movement of individuals is not negotiable.
      Quite apart from the fact that immigrants (especially from the EU) have had a very positive benefit to the economy of this country even during the worst of the recession.
      The UK has a continuing demand for both skilled and unskilled workers and competition for jobs is a thoroughly good thing and if UK workers cannot compete that is just tough, they need to raise their game – period.

    • 3 years ago

      If only it was just EU citizens who were coming into the UK. If you go to Calais the vast majority trying to get across the Channel are not EU citizens. They are refugees from North Africa, The Middle East etc who are trying to get into the UK and then some will live under bridges or in sheds in back gardens.

      Go to London and the beggars are on the whole Roma. They are EU Citizens but it appears that few have come in to work. It appears that many have come in to continue to follow the criminal careers that they had before but in a more prosperous country or to beg on the streets.

      Other countries indeed in the EU who are supposed to work to the same EU Rules and Regulations are far more successful at keeping out the criminal elements. Or if they do get in once they are caught they are quickly sent home. Unfortunately our borders are so full of holes that if they are actually caught following their criminal career and evicted in many cases within a short time they are back in the country again, even if under a different identity.

      This is a small and very over crowded country. Our services such as Hospitals, Schools etc are in crisis. We need time and resources to sort out the problems. Yet Quislings like Cambridge_Blue seems to have and indeed welcome an Open Door Policy. His attitude is Let them All in as we are Good Quislings(Subservient to the EU Superstate).

      My Attitude is yes let in those with skills, those who want to work but keep out the undesirables. The Thieves, Murderers, Rapists and the Unskilled who have no intention to work they should not be allowed to get into the country. But as Cambridge_Blue has made it very clear he counts us having to accept all these as part of our substantial cost for being in the EU.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      3 years ago

      Most of the beggars I see in Cambridge & London look ethnic British to me and given that you obviously don’t get out much I doubt you know anything about this issue.
      Our country is actually rich, quite large and not particularly crowded and we have lots of room to grow since we have plenty of rural land we can build on as and when needed once we junk the green belt nonsense.
      Our public services are not in crisis in the UK and blaming immigrants for many of our issues is a typically cheap shot from you.
      The actual evidence clearly shows that the vast majority of offenders and the unskilled in this country are people born and brought up here.
      God Bless the ‘Roma’ for they get blamed for everything.
      pip pip

    • 3 years ago

      Obvious;y Cambridge_Blue does not live on the same planet with the rest of us. That may go some way to explain his abuse every time anybody contradicts his Quisling views. However if he thinks that 60 million and growing and the estimates of another 5 million, 10 million or more in a few short years does not make this island crowded I would suggest that it is he that does not get out of his ivory tower much.

  • Stuart
    3 years ago

    I think it would be bad thing if we left.

    However I would like to point out Nigel Farage is an MEP, he doesn’t turn up to most of the meeting, yet paid to go and do his job there, he also earned millions from the EU as an MEP.

    If he was truly worried about the EU he would do to meeting to block things and try and make the EU better and if he was so worried about the amount of money the EU spent he should give his wages to charity or work as an MEP for free.

    Sadly governments in general are all bloated and need a massive shake up.

    • 3 years ago

      How very right you are. Government in the UK and indeed in the EU is bloated. The general concensus in the population is that the MP’s, MEP’s, Councillors etc are all there for their own benefit. They are all feathering their own nest and have their snouts dug deep in the trough. I would not argue that some certainly are. I would dispute that they all are.

      However I first got involved in Politics in 1964 at the grand old age of 14 at the 1964 General Election. I am still a Member of the Political Party that I joined all those years ago. I can confidently say that while I have enjoyed being involved in Politics and have met a large number of very interesting people I have certainly never benefited at all financially from my involvement in Politics. I would guess that there are many others in all Political Parties who could make a similar claim.

      When I first got involved back in 1964 there were several articles about an impending ‘Realignment in British Pilitics’. Yet here we are all these years later and essentially we are in the same position as we were in 1964.

      Perhaps, just perhaps the UKIP Party will be the catalyst that causes the ‘Realignment’ to finally happen. Of course if they target 100 seats at the 2015 General Election(as they have stated) and indeed win these and perhaps a few that they did not target. Then the UK is going to leave the EU and we can get our Freedom back again.

      The Quislings will and indeed are telling you that we cannot survive outside the EU. The fact that the EU is itself likely to collapse into chaos they ignore. But the UK can and will survive as we always have done.

      If the EU in some form continues to exist it will need friends and trading partners. It is total insanity to even envisage that the EU would stop trading with a major world Trading Nation on its doorstep especially as it sells to much more to us than we sell to them.

      So let us all join Cambridge_Blue and Vote Yes at the In Out Referendum to Leave the EU.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      3 years ago

      They do say that there is no fool like an old fool and you are living proof of that adage.
      You have swallowed the propaganda from UKIP and the assorted swivel eyed loons and nutters but you can rest easy knowing that some of us have not and will save this country on your behalf.
      So let us all join ChrisT and vote YES YES YES to stay in the EU and then have a good laugh and a pint of best at UKIPs expense.
      God bless ‘Carswell’ since who else in their right mind would want to represent Clacton.
      pip pip

    • 3 years ago

      I suppose it depends on exactly what the Question is in the In/Out Referendum should Cameron ever actually hold it. After all if the question is worded one way Yes could be to come out but if the question is worded differently then Yes may be to stay in. The Quislings(named after the Norwegians who believed an earlier generation of Germans propaganda) will be arguing like Cambridge_Blue that the UK should cease to exist and just be a minor geographic area within the EU Superstate(with the Bankrupt economy and currency) rather than UKIP that we should remain a World Trading Nation with a currency respected the World over.

      I happen to believe that the UK can and will be far more prosperous without the EU dragging us down like a millstone around the neck.

      The last time I was faced by somebody who was a strongly of one opinion against my opinion I lost. Unfortunately the enterprise went bust because of the course of action followed was the one that defeated me. The prime mover of that course of action saw me a year or so later at Helston Flora Day. He came up and apologised and admitted that I had been right all along and he was totally wrong but of course by then it was far too late. But that was only a small enterprise. We cannot afford the Quislings like Cambridge_Blue to win because no amount of apologising by them a year or so later will correct the disaster that they will have inflicted on the UK and its people.

    • 3 years ago

      Cambridge_Blue asked the question about ‘Who else in their right mind would want to represent Clacton’.

      At each General Election and By-Election it is very rare for Candidates to be Elected Unopposed. It happens at other Elections such as Council Elections but very very rarely at Parliamentary Level. This even though at Parliamentary Elections you have to Lodge a Deposit (basically you have to prove that you are serious by paying £500 to be allowed to stand-if you get more than a certain percentage of the Votes cast then you get your Deposit back – less than that percentage you lose your Deposit – Hence the Lib Dems regularly Lose their Deposits at By-Elections since the Last General Election)and at Council Elections.

      At the Last General Election and again at the recent By-Election in the Clacton Constituency there were multiple Candidates so there were others who I take it were ‘in their right mind’ who wanted to represent Clacton in Parliament.

      So as usual in this as in so much more Cambridge_Blue has shown that he specialises in getting everything wrong.

    • Cambridge_Blue
      3 years ago

      Have you actually been to Clacton?
      I have and I couldn’t leave the place quickly enough it was so depressing.
      It is typical of some sad places that just seem to have got left behind in this country and then they blame everyone else for their own failings, misfortune and lack of success.
      Clacton actually deserves Carswell but much good it will do them.
      God Bless ‘Reckless’ for we all love a political turncoat.
      pip pip

    • 3 years ago

      Many years ago I did spend a holiday at Butlins in Clacton. About 1962 or 3 I would guess when I still lived in Enfield in North London. However no matter how depressing a place is it is entitled to be represented in Parliament. Its one of the facets of Democracy. I know that you do not believe in Democracy, you seem to prefer being Governed by Unelected faceless Bureaucrats, but the system that we have is Democracy. Your original point was that nobody in their right mind would want to represent Clacton. Well I showed you that there were several.

      In regards to all those other towns and cities around the Country that you may very well also find depressing. They also have a right to an elected M.P. and yes they all attract Candidates at each and every General Election and By-Election.

      Indeed it is likely that on average they attract about the same number of Candidates as does Cambridge.

      I would guess that Rural Areas(which I know that Cambridge_Blue would like to concrete over) also attract as many candidates as the places that Cambridge_Blue finds depressing and places such as Cambridge that he seems to find stimulating for some reason.

      The fact is that almost everybody who wants a Career in Politics will work very hard for a Constituency. At the start of their career they will often take totally No Hope Constituencies. Why? Well they need the experience and if they work hard and do a good job then maybe the next seat that they contest will be a safe seat or at least one that they stand a chance of winning.

      So when the Political Parties were picking their Candidates for the recent Clacton By-Election they will have had a long list of hopefuls. They will have cut that down to a shortlist of perhaps 3 or 4 and then chosen the candidate that fought the By-Election. So all in all there could have been as many as 100 or more who were involved at some time as a hopeful to fight the seat. All of whom I would guess were ‘In their right mind’ which is more than can be said about Cambridge_Blue.

  • Rich
    3 years ago

    Give and take.

    UK should lead EU.

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