Terapeak Personal launched to help demystify big data

By Dan Wilson October 29, 2014 - 5:37 pm

Ecommerce analytics provider Terapeak have launched a new product called Terapeak Personal.

It’s an easier to use version of there powerful suite of analytics tools that includes step-by-step workflows for finding ecommerce products and evaluating sales opportunities on eBay and Amazon. The workflows aim to make big data analytics accessible so that anyone can become an ecommerce entrepreneur and continuously grow sales, regardless of their technical skills or familiarity with data analysis.

Anyone who has approached Terapeak before, found it bewildering and given up in the face of such a huge array of information will find Terapeak Personal useful.

“When you’re new to online selling, making sense out of eBay and Amazon can be an intimidating process,” said Kevin North, CEO of Terapeak. “Still, we believe you shouldn’t need a PhD in mathematics to take advantage of big data. Terapeak’s guided workflows simply eliminate the learning curve. They focus all of our data towards reaching the customer’s specific goals and desired outcomes. We hope to create tens of thousands of new entrepreneurs by making online selling accessible to everyone.”

The Terapeak platform has been divided into MySales, Terapeak Personal and Terapeak Professional editions to provide appropriate levels of analytics for various users. The differences are as follows:

MySales, the free edition of Terapeak, allows users to link their eBay and Amazon accounts and then monitor sales. Merchants can benchmark current performance against past performance. They can also compare sales by location, ecommerce market and other criteria. Finally, they can score listings to identify opportunities for improvement.

Terapeak Personal, the company’s latest product, includes MySales and three guided workflows:
– Find Products allows merchants to discover and understand new selling opportunities.
– Evaluate Sales Opportunities takes merchants to the next step of running a profitability assessment that estimates how the products will sell based on past performance, pricing and more. They can then use this data to source products at the right price and inventory levels.
– Optimize My Sales picks up from where Listing Scoring in MySales left off. It guides users through an Optimization process to ensure that their titles, descriptions, shipping options and listing criteria will maximize sales.

Terapeak Professional, the full premium edition, features MySales, the Terapeak Personal workflows, and access to the entire Terapeak toolset. This includes product research, category research and competitive research tools that can evaluate opportunities based on 365 days of market history. For more advanced users who want to find unique trends and opportunities, Terapeak Professional offers the most functionality.

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    Sounds interesting. Terapeak is bewildering at best to me.

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